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Taipei kong mahal (My beloved Taipei) 180207: The birdman who lives in the underground kingdom

Half-human. Half-bird.  A weird creature lives underground in Taipei city.  People call it as the birdman.  No one seems to know its existence.  At rush hour in Taipei Main Station, people pass by to go to work or to go home.  Walk fast or be left behind in the city that never sleeps.  Nobody cares about the birdman, worst even try to know its name.  

It stands there in one corner of the subway station.  Staring into the nothingness,  fighting loneliness.  It's big yellow head and white slender body was invisible in the eyes of the Taiwanese.  I don’t know the reason why.   

I had the chance to take a look at the birdman.  To give it the attention that it needs.  Looking at its slender body,   I noticed the water that flows down from its neck down to its feet.  The liquid follows the outline of its trunk that falls down on an artificial grass.  Its little world is confined to that box that holds the tiny slice of greenery.  

Bizarre, innocent, mysterious.  The birdman invites all sorts of emotions to anyone who gazes upon it.  Laughter for those who find it funny to take its picture.  Sadness for those who find the creature as lonely.  Fear for those who find it as weird.   Different kinds of feelings that people in Taipei experience every day.

explanation about the art installation

It is not lonely as what many perceived.  As long as there are people who want to see and explore Taipei, there is always a chance that our friend will be noticed.  It could also be that the birdman lives a secret life.  Who knows that when all the lights in the subway are turned off and the last trains went to the depot, our protagonist comes to life and roams around Taipe's MRT system?  No one knows the answer.  Maybe we can ask directly our friend who we now know as the birdman who lives in the underground kingdom. 


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