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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180123: Pingjing St. Lane 42]


At the forefront of Taiwan’s cherry blossom festival in January is a road planted with cherry blossom trees.  Abundant with Fuji sakuras that have grown inside the premises of big houses, springtime is will never be complete without seeing this place in Taipei.  Pingjing St. Lane 42.  Yes! You read it right!  Taipei’s most celebrated corner in Shilin District is being featured again on this 2018 edition of the Sakura Series.

The Taiwan gods must have listened to the prayers of the locals to bring back the beauty of the Fuji sakuras.  The flowering in the last two years had not been good due to the El Niño phenomenon.  2016 was the worst as most buds suffered from frost.  When snow fell in Taipei two years ago, the flowers that should appear in late January did not blossom anymore because they got injured by frostbite.  

Recovery took time and this 2018 was the best time to see them again.  There were many flowers and the bees were busy again pollinating each blossom.  Local and international tourists gather at the street and compete for the best spot to take their photos.   I was one of them and I must admit that it was really difficult to take pictures especially when it seems that all the people in Taipei came out on a sunny day.

The weather turns wet and cloudy during spring in Northern Taiwan. So whenever there is a chance that the sun would show up, people go outside to take advantage of the nice weather.  They come in huge numbers and turn Lane 42 into one great street party.

The alley leading to Gongping Bridge, street wall, and the fenced area were the best spots to see the cherry blossoms, but unknown to many there is another place in Pingjing St. to enjoy the flowers.  It’s a secret garden and the right time has come for it to be finally revealed. 

Walking to the end of the Lane 42, I heard the sound of laughter from a group of people.  The joy in their hearts could not be matched by any material thing on this Earth.  I can sense their happiness as I managed to find an opening and get inside the garden.   There were tall sakura trees and it was the first time that I saw them.

It was like Wuling Farm was brought to Taipei by an unseen force.   A small piece of land catering to a lush forest of cherry blossoms.  Who would not want to have that?  It remains to be a mystery on who owns the garden and why people were allowed to roam around.   Probably, it was one of the homeowners in Lane 42.  Next year, I might be able to know the answer when I return to Pingjing St. for another round of the Sakura Series.

How to get here:  MRT Taipei -> Alight at Shilin Station -> Walk towards Shilin Farmers Association building -> Board Bus 303 -> Get off the bus at Lun zi wei stop -> Walk for a few meters to reach Pingjing St. Lane 42

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