Taitung (台東) East Rift Valley rapeseed flower sea (花東縱谷油菜黃花海) [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180114: La ola de canola] | Travel in Asia

Taitung (台東) East Rift Valley rapeseed flower sea (花東縱谷油菜黃花海) [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180114: La ola de canola]


Hola!  Buenos días senyora, buenas tardes senyorito.  Mi nombre es Luo-Mu Jie.  Hallelujah! I'm surrounded by these flowers of canola.  Haha! In a faraway land in Taiwan lies a sea of blossoms.  Colored in yellow and glittering under the shining sun,  they are the petals of the rapeseed plant.  ¡Uy, Dios mío!  Do you want to swim in this ocean of petals?  Read more to find out.

From December to February when planting rice is not suitable during the winter season, farmers plow their fields for seeds of canola.  The flowers are rich in natural oil and also serves as a natural fertilizer for the next planting season.  I'm not sure whether the plants are left to die an decay on the field or whether the flowers are harvested and processed into organic fertilizers ready for distribution.  The one thing that I'm sure of is that the town of Chishang is the best place to enjoy these unforgettable yellow scenery.

My Luodong - Chishang train ticket

Arrival in Chishang Station

The NTD 100  bike from a bike rental shop located in Zhongzheng Road.  Just walk for a few meters from Chishang Station to get to the shop.
Where is Chishang?  The town is located in Taitung province in the so-called East Rift Valley Scenic Area.  You can ride the train of the TRA to Chishang Station and from there you can rent a bike or a scooter to embark on a journey to the famous Brown Avenue.  A one-day rent of the bike costs NTD 100 and I presented my ARC (or passport) as a proof of my identity.  I was also asked to put my Taiwan cellphone number on the information sheet of the bicycle shop and when everything was ok I immediately cycled to the field of blooming canolas.

First timers might find themselves lost on the busy highways of Taitung.  But don't worry, just remember that your destination is the Brown Avenue (伯朗大道) and just show the Chinese name of the place to locals when asking for directions.   I have been here before so my trip was smooth and easy.  The only difference is that I went here not to see Kaneshiro tree but the rapeseed flowers in large numbers.

The town of Chishang is bounded by two mountain ranges and the Brown Avenue runs in between these natural borders connecting them as one soul.  When you are there, do not expect a vast continues field of canolas ala Xinshe in Taichung.  Manage your expectation as there are only certain plots that have been filled with the flowers.  But come closer to the fields and you will be surprised that an armada of rapeseed is larger than your life.  It' a big patch of yellow under the blue sky with petals swaying gracefully in the wind like an ocean of flowers.  Mamma mia! La ola de canola.


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