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Monday, November 13, 2017

Travel in Taiwan 171112: Blooming Autumn - Zhongli District


The centennial celebration of Yuan Kuang Ch'an Monastery highlighted the 2017 Taoyuan Flower Festival in Zhongli District.

The Weather
Temperature: 21°C
Apparent temperature: 22 °C
Wind (Scale): 2

Event duration: Nov. 4 to Nov. 12 only

After visiting the event in Luzhu District, I continued my journey by boarding again the Taoyuan Airport MRT to A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station.  From there, I followed the signs that lead me to the event venue in Zhongli District.

Yuan Kuang mascot beside a QR code of the flower festival

Aside from flowers, there were also food stalls making the place a night market in broad daylight.

I'm not sure if these are lavender flowers.

cosmos flowers again

A large musical box structure stands behind this field of cosmos flowers.  The concept in Zhongli District this year was a mixture of cute creatures and artistic representations of things using flowers.

Visitors enjoy taking photos of zinia flowers.

condos and cosmos

I could not get a good photo of this flower because of the wind so I have to hold it just to take its picture. Haha!

condos and zinia flowers

pink zinia

yellow and orange marigold flowers

The Yuan Kuang Ch'an Monastery Buddha.  May it bless more the 2017 Taoyuan Flower Festival!

Sakura Series - Taiwan

Sakura Series - Taiwan

Sakura Series - Japan

Maple Series

Yehliu to Jiufen? Yehliu to Shifen? Cheaper than yellow taxis

The "Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei)

Other attractions in Taipei

New Taipei


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