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Travel in Taiwan 170321 (Guest Post): Around the Island in Five Days - Day 5


Day 5 (Eluanbi-Longpan-Jialashuei-back to Taipei):

This was our last day in Kenting. We checked out our room and started to Eluanbi park at about 10 a.m. Eluanbi park has Eluanbi lighthouse which was built in the 19th century. Eluanbi park has a small entry fee of 60 NTD. A short walk leads us to the lighthouse which is not open for the public to go up the lighthouse but a small lighthouse museum has been set up to explain the history and importance of lighthouses around Taiwan.  There is a walkway around the park which takes us through the coastline near Eluanbi and back to the entrance. Certainly, it’s a historically important place but not very attractive on the fun side. Next, we headed to the southernmost point of Taiwan. From the entrance, we had to walk for 500m to reach the place. It is essentially a stone which marks the end of Taiwan and you can see endless waters after that. Just the point that it is the end of Taiwan makes it worth visiting. We proceeded above the hills to Longpan area. On the way, there was an awesome view of waters with a good panorama view. I would say this place is must-stop for travelers through this road. The panoramic views are breathtaking and make you feel the horizon – the point where sea and sky meet. Initially, the hills are taller and you can see the waters below you. As you drive, you come to the other side of the hill and eventually the hill and shores meet and you could just get off the road and walk to the beach. This transition is interesting and 3 stops are recommended on this route. On busy days, there would be a lot of tender coconut vendors from whom tasty tender coconut can be bought for cheaper rates. This beach is protected and so fishing and cooking are not allowed. This beach is less crowded which is rare in Kenting. If you would like a less crowded beach in Kenting, then this is the best place. Bring a mat, umbrella and you are good to relax.

stone marking the end of the island of Taiwan

We had a good time at the beach for some time and then we started back to Taipei. I drove for about 70 km and before the start of the freeway, we stopped at a 7-11. This was the 7-11 we stopped while we were coming to Kenting. If you are driving back to Taipei from Kenting in one go, then it's better to relax for some time before u take the freeway and then do all the journey at once with a stop in between in the rest area. This would be safe and also save time. After relaxing at 7-11, we started in the freeway towards Taipei, drove continuously till Taichung and stopped at a rest area after Taichung. 15 minutes at the rest area, again we started our journey and our next stop was at Academia Sinica, Taipei. With the fulfillment of having a wonderful travel experience, we parted our ways back to respective homes.

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