Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan - 2017 Sakura Series - Nantou (南投) - Shanlinxi (杉林溪) [Travel in Taiwan 170305: Sun Link Sea (杉林溪森林生態渡假園區)] | Travel in Asia

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan - 2017 Sakura Series - Nantou (南投) - Shanlinxi (杉林溪) [Travel in Taiwan 170305: Sun Link Sea (杉林溪森林生態渡假園區)]


Location: Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area (杉林溪森林生態渡假園區): No. 6, Xishan Rd, Zhushan Township, Nantou County, 557

Bus 6871 at Yuanlin bus stop
Screenshot from the Taiwan Highway Bus Information System about the timetable of Bus 6871

How to get here: From Taichung Station, walk towards the Yuanlin bus stop in Section 1, Shuangshi Road to board Bus 6871. This bus stop is a few meters away from the Gancheng bus stop which is the terminal of the tour buses going to Sun Moon Lake. The one-way fare is NTD 271 and you can use your EasyCard to pay.

the ticket

the receipt

You will arrive at the Shanlinxi (杉林溪) terminal stop after 3 hours. Upon the arrival of the bus at the gate, tickets will be sold inside the vehicle through a representative of the recreational area for a price of NTD 200. 

The first bus that leaves Yuanlin stop is 6:45 am while the last bus that returns to Taichung is at 4:30 pm.

Status of flowering: Full bloom. However, rain and strong wind can make the life of the flowers shorter.

The bus terminal in Shanlinxi.  My Travel Buddy and I took the 6:45 am bus and we arrived at the forest recreation area after 3 hours.

The map of Shanlinxi.  The cherry blossoms are planted near the Sun Link Sea Hotel.

Travel Buddy Teklu and the mascots of Sun Link Sea

From the bus terminal, we walked towards the Sun Link Sea Hostel.

A creek runs along the Shanlinxi and it its bank was planted with sakura trees.

The sakura trees add beauty to these cabins in the mountains.

The type of cherry blossoms here in Shanlinxi are similar to the ones in Wuling Farm.

The weather was very good on the day of our visit and I was so happy.

Travel Buddy Teklu in his most daring pose with a sakura tree. One wrong move and he would have feel into the creek. lol

The building behind is the Sun Link Sea Nature Education Center.


Another nice pose by my Travel Buddy

The stones on this area in Shanlinxi were perfect to sat on for a great photo.


Travel Buddy Teklu in another great pose. Haha!

There was a bridge after passing by the Sun Link Sea Nature Center. 

selfie time

Travel Buddy Teklu trying to make a dangerous pose in the bridge. 

We saw this net that spans across the creek.  My friend wanted to try walking on it but it was off limits to visitors.  Thanks to the sakura forest on the right side of this photo, Teklu and I still had fun.

The creek was actually dry and probably when the summer season comes the water level here might rise again.
blue sky and the pink sakuras

The petals of the cherry blossoms in Shanlinxi were being blown away by the wind. 

The more the wind blows, the more petals dropped on the floor. 

We were lucky to visit Sun Link Sea during the full bloom of its cherry blossoms.  The weather was also good in the past few days prolonging the beauty of the flowers.

My Travel Buddy was thinking of something deep in this photo. lol

Aside from the sakuras, visitors get enchanted with the forest of Shanlinxi.

There was another sakura forest on the other side of the creek.

I really wanted to go there but Travel Buddy Teklu wanted to hike first and see one of the Sun Lin Sea's famous waterfalls.

The Songlong Rock Waterfall was our destination and we hiked the Chunlin Trail to see that body of water. 

The trees here we so tall!

A rest station in the trail.  Families stop here to eat their lunch.

We continued the walk ...

... until we found this observation platform.  We were told here not to see anymore the waterfall since the water flowing down the fall was not that great.  It might be due to the low rainfall in Taiwan in recent days. 

The view from the observation deck. 

We went back to the sakura forest.

The sakura forest again

We  went back to the bridge and went to the other side of the creek to see the cherry blossoms planted near hotel building.

The mountains, pine trees and cherry blossoms.

Sun Link Sea Hotel with sakura trees

full bloom

Luo-Mu Jie and the cherry blossoms. lol

The sakura forest near the hotel. 

Teklu with the sakuras as the background


Sun Link Sea Hotel

The temperature at the time of our visit was 17°C.  Suddenly, a fog appeared in the mountains and the temperature dropped to 16°C. 

As the fog slowly covers the whole of Shanlinxi, I decided to return to the bus terminal. 

I enjoyed again the cherry blossoms while walking along the banks of the creek.

I will try to return next year for another round of cherry blossom viewing here in Shanlinxi (Sun Link Sea). 

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