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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan - 2017 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan 170318: Xióng Kōng Cherry Blossom Forest (熊空櫻花林)]


How to get here: The nearest MRT Station is at Dingpu and is the last station of the Bannan Line. Prospective visitors should come to this place on a weekday to avoid the traffic jam in Zhulun Road. 

Tourists have several options to visit this famous cherry blossom forest of Sanxia District and they are the following: 

A. By taxi: Take a taxi and show to the driver the Chinese name of the place: 熊空櫻花林. Do not forget to get his calling card for your return trip.

B. By bus: 
1. Board Bus F629 and alight at Zhu Lun Tea Plantation (竹崙茶場) stop. Walk for 5.1 kilometers to reach the sakura forest or
2. Board Bus Blue 45 and alight at Queentown Farm stop
(皇后鎮農場) stop. Walk for 6.2 kilometers to reach the sakura forest

C. By bike: Visitors who are physically fit can cycle uphill for 15 kilometers. Bikes can be taken inside the Taipei MRT for a price of NTD 80. Weekends and holidays are the standard days to bring bikes inside the trains of the Taipei Metro On weekdays, folding bikes are allowed but it has to be placed inside a bag. Tourists who don't have bikes can rent the YouBikes parked near the exits of MRT Dingpu Station. Don't forget to bring your smartphone with mobile internet to track your way.

D. By taxi and bike: Take a taxi with your folding bike and show to the driver the Chinese name of the place: 熊空櫻花林. On your return trip, test your biking skills as you cycle downhill back to the MRT Dingpu Station for 15 kilometers.

E. By bus and bike. If you have a folding bike and if you are allowed to bring it inside the bus then it is possible to try this option. Bus F629 is usually a mini-bus and taking folded bikes inside is a bit impossible. Bus Blue 45 on the other hand can be a mini-bus or a low-floor bus. This bus accepts folded bikes to be taken inside during the travel. To avoid causing inconvenience to fellow passengers, cyclists should be placed their folded bikes inside a bag. A smartphone with mobile internet will be very useful along the way. 

Status of flowering: Full bloom was reported on March 12 and my visit was the last hurrah of the flowers before they totally disappear in the eyes of the cherry blossom fans.

The ticket for taking a bike inside the Taipei MRT is NTD 80.

traffic in the mountain

It was a weekend and there were many visitors.

To reach the cherry blossom forest, people have to climb the slopes of the mountain in Zhulun Road.


As I continue my walk uphill

A white variety of the cherry blossoms.  These were probably yoshino sakura.

The trail was not developed and it was muddy in some areas.  Anyway, people ignored it just to see cherry the famous cherry blossom forest of Sanxia District.

At last!


To see the whole of the forest, visitors have to continue walking along the trail built along the slope of the mountain.

A different view of the sakura forest

Wow again! Haha!

Can you see the people on this photo?

Visitors enjoying themselves to take photos and selfies.

This place was actually better than Yangmingshan. lol

It was just a bit difficult to travel here because of the lack of public transportation.

I had been planning a long time ago to see this place and I was so happy to be here.



selfie time

Mission accomplished! Haha!

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