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Chiayi (嘉義) - The World for Cat Lovers, Jingpu (菁埔貓世界) [Travel in Taiwan 170102: Catwalk]

Do you love cats? My family had once took care of a feline which we named “Miming”. I still remember how adorable she was. Ask me if I want to have a dog or a cat as a pet, I will choose both but I think cats are easier to take care than dogs. Just like humans, cats have different personalities. Some would steal food while others prefer to sleep in a soft and comfortable bed all day long. Despite the foul smell of their poo, you will still love them especially when you have visited a small municipality in Taiwan’s Chiayi province.

I smiled when I first discovered about Jingpu's "The World for Cat Lovers". If I remember correctly there was a similar tourist attraction in Yunlin province. However, according to the Visitor Information Center in Beigang there was no public transportation that would take me there. I could only dream of having a selfie with a cat mural but thanks to the Taiwan Tour Bus (Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum route) having one in Chiayi province became possible. Bus 106 makes a stop at the different tourist destinations in the county starting from its TRA Station to the Taiwan High Speed Rail Station making it convenient to see many places in just one day. 

From the bus stop, I followed the map that was posted on it. I crossed Xinmin Road to find that wonderful street full of cat paintings. The place was not far away from the highway and it was easy to identify. Once you see a cat painting and a barrier in Road 嘉77, you are definitely right there. There were less than a hundred visitors at the time of my visit and the whole place was not that much crowded.


Various images of cats can be seen as you make your walk in the street. There was a sleepy cat that stretches its arms and legs while curving its entire body. The Asian “V” sign for victory and paws forming the shape of heart can also be seen in the murals. Jiayou! I saw a cat wearing a headband on its forehead and was ready for battle. 

Don't also forget to give a high five to an orange and white cat. Its paw had extended into reality. Protruding out from the wall, my hand was able to touch the cat's hand. Be part of the paintings and hold a set of balloons while your friend takes a photo of you. You can also partner with a cat to complete a heart formation with your two hands. These were some of the things that you can do on this street in Jingpu. Oh! My family's “Miming” was there. A white cat with some patches of orange and gray. She was an epitome of an ageless feline beauty. 

There is no entrance fee here in The World of Cat Lovers and the only thing that you have to worry about is the time of the last bus that will return to Chiayi Station. So come along with friends and get ready to smile in front of the camera. Join the cats on their images and say “Meow!” Enjoy the stardom here in Jingpu like when you’re in the middle of a catwalk.

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