Shopping in Taipei - Ximending (西門町) - Xinyi Shopping District (信義區) - どんぐり共和国 - ベネリック Donguri Republic Taipei - When the Moon Forgot (月亮忘记了) bus - Wufenpu (五分埔) Commercial Area [Taiwan Day 771: Confessions of a Shopaholic - Oct. 11, 2015] | Travel in Asia

Monday, October 12, 2015

Shopping in Taipei - Ximending (西門町) - Xinyi Shopping District (信義區) - どんぐり共和国 - ベネリック Donguri Republic Taipei - When the Moon Forgot (月亮忘记了) bus - Wufenpu (五分埔) Commercial Area [Taiwan Day 771: Confessions of a Shopaholic - Oct. 11, 2015]


“Look at him! He bought so many [shoes]”. A Filipino was looking at me as I carry a large translucent green bag containing six pairs of casual shoes. Buy 3 pairs of shoes for only NTD 500! Who would not accept the offer? The middle-aged Taiwanese man selling the shoes might not return along the streets of Zhongshan North Road so I grabbed the opportunity to buy a lot of shoes. It seems crazy for a person to carry six pairs of shoes along the streets of Taipei but if shopping is a crime then I'm guilty of it. I will get caught by a Taipei police and confess that I'm a shopaholic.

the SM Ecobag

It was great that I brought along my SM Ecobag for this shopping adventure. I felt that the plastic bag I'm holding might burst while roaming around the shopping district of Taipei so I transferred my shoes to the SM Ecobag. The last time I used this shopping bag was in Taiwan Day 7 (Carrefour and Laundry Day) and I never thought that I will be able to use it again. I just didn't expect that six pairs of shoes would be too heavy. I put the SM Ecobag's straps on my shoulder and then I went to Ximending Commercial District. My newly cut Uniqlo pants were waiting for me there.

shops in Ximending Shopping District

Modern Toilet in Ximending

I boarded the MRT (Tamsui Line) at Minquan West Road Station and then I transferred to Taipei Main Station to reach Ximen Station on the Bannan Line. Ximending Commercial District is one of the top destinations to visit in Taipei. It has a number of shops, restaurants and recreational facilities to enjoy. I usually went here to check if there are clothes that are on sale. There are a number of branches of Uniqlo in Taipei but I say that the Uniqlo Ximending branch has the most bargains and discounted items as compared to other branches in Taipei.

I also went inside the Shinkong Mitsukoshi mall near Taipei Main Station.  The items inside were very expensive.

It's becoming cold nowadays as the winter season approaches in Taiwan and thick clothes were the hot items that I saw inside Uniqlo Ximending. Luckily, slim fit jeans were at a sale for only NTD 590. I bought three and have them cut at the ends which cost an additional NTD 100 for each pair of pants. The cashier placed the items on one white Uniqlo paper bag. As soon as I stepped out of the store I transferred the items inside my backpack and just folded the Uniqlo paper bag. I'm starting to look like a weirdo carrying a heavy SM Ecobag on my shoulders, a Uniqlo paper bag on my right hand, a tripod on my left hand, a digital camera hanging on my neck and a bag on my back. I boarded the MRT again at Ximen then transferred at Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall Station. I'm going to Xinyi Shopping District and I noticed that a lot of Taiwanese were looking at me. My SM Ecobag already got a hole and one shoe was on its way out. I just laughed at the situation and sat on one bench at the MRT Station. I transferred my shoes at the original green translucent plastic bag and folded the ripped SM Ecobag.

Welcome to Taipei 101 Shopping Mall!

The 'When the Moon Forgut Bus' is just beside Taipei 101.  Just cross the street

Shopping in Taiwan is not just about buying stuff. It's also a form of a travel adventure. The towering Taipei 101 might get your attention and lure you to enter its Taipei 101 Shopping Mall but just in Xinyi Section 5 Rd. is a bus that takes passengers but doesn't move. Enter the When the Moon Forgot bus and it will take you to the world of one of Jimmy Liao's storybooks. Pay the bus fare with your imagination and enjoy the ride by taking pictures.

The Totoro store can be found at the B1 floor of ATT4FUN Mall in Xinyi Shopping District.

Fans of Totoro will be happy about the Donguri Republic at the basement of ATT4FUN mall which is also within the Xinyi Shopping District. Princess Mononoke, Chihiro and the rest of the Studio Ghibli gang will be there in the form of different products. Take a look at the sleeping Totoro. Press a red button and observed as he inhale and exhale air out of his lungs. His stomach enlarges and deflates while he sleeps. A large orange Catbus is also there with store visitors having fun taking photos. I wish Totoro lives near my home in Taipei! I will tell my friends in the Philippines about 'My Neighbor Totoro'.

Wufenpu Commercial Area

shirts for NTD 200 each

printed shirts for NTD 150 each

I got my sweaters in this store for NTD 250 each.

My shopping didn't end at Xinyi. I boarded the MRT at Taipei City Hall Station and alighted at Houshanpi Station. A 5-minute walk led me to the famous garment district of Wufenpu. Lots of stores were selling women's clothes but there will be stores selling men's clothes. You just have to patient in looking for one. I bought 4 shirts worth NTD 200 each. Another store sells cheap printed shirts for NTD 150 each and I bought two. Winter is coming and I have found a shop selling sweaters for NTD 250 each. I bought four sweaters and I was also given an additional sweater for free. More shopping bags were added to my 'hand-carry' after I visited Wufenpu Commercial Area.

It was already 11pm when I reached my home in Nangang. My legs were very tired walking and my arms have no more strength to lift something. I've never experienced this insane shopping when I was in the Philippines. I can only do window shopping during college and I was even mocked for wearing the same shoe when I was already working. My life has truly improved in Taiwan and I thanked God for everything. There will be more shopping in the future. Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing… I'm revealing these statements to all of my readers for these are the confessions of a shopaholic.


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