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Taiwan Day 701: Cha-Cha-Changhua Part 2 - August 2, 2015


Previously: I explored Baguashan and after having fun I decided to go to historic Lukang.  I need to find my hostel and take a rest for tomorrow's jam-packed activities.  Through the help of the Taiwan Tour Bus Lukang Route, it was easy to get to the old charming town of Taiwan.  I searched for my hostel and I was warmly greeted by barking dogs.  After paying to the hostel owner, I was led me to the room where I was introduced to my two male roommates. They were both Taiwanese and there was something special about the two of them.

Their names were Ringo and Leo and they are a father-and-son tandem. It's the summer season in Taiwan and Ringo was traveling together with his 10-year old son. It was fun to talk to them especially when I told them about the places that I have visited in Taiwan.  “I love Taiwan” and Ringo thanked me for that.

After having a good night sleep, I woke up at 4am to start Taiwan Day 701. My first stop was the Lukang Old Street Conservation Site. It is a historical preserved community of houses taking me back to the glorious days of the harbor town of Lukang during the Qing Dynasty. There were many small and sometimes curved alleyways in the town. The Nine-Turns Lane is a confusing passageway designed for pirates while the 'Breast-Touching Lane' was originally built as a fire lane and it is now one of the must-see places in Lukang. The Banbian Well or the Half-Sided Well was another intriguing feature of Lukang town. During the good old days, only rich families can afford to build their own well. A kind family donated half of their well to the neighborhood. One side goes inside their courtyard while the other half can be seen on the street. 

There were big houses in Lukang and each one has their own stories. According to the legend, there was a wife in the Qingchang Hao mansion who waited for her husband that never returned home after taking an imperial exam.  It's sad to say that wife waited until her last breath. The carambola tree that the husband planted was a sign of his promise of return and it became a witness of his wife’s agony. Just near the restored Lane 76 of Zhongshan Road is the mansion of the Koo family which is now the Lukang Folk Arts Museum.  The Koo family is said to be still influential up to these modern days of Formosa. The Lukang Assembly Hall will never be left out in one's itinerary. It's a reminder of Lukang's history of Japanese colonization.

at Lukang Longshan Temple

The curved roofs and wooden architecture of Longshan Temple will always be a feast to anybody's eye. A selfie with the spiderweb pagoda ceiling and hearing women playing Nangguan music were a great experience in visiting the temple. A few blocks away was the Wenkai Academy complex but it was not as stunning as the Longshan Temple.

The Changhua Industrial Park is an area with many tourism factories to explore. One of them is the Taiwan Glass Gallery which holds a vast collection of glass artworks in different sizes and shapes. The tour in the Glass Tunnel made the visit more interesting. I even have to buy a pair of slippers for NTD 50 just to enter the mysterious tunnel.  I was also given a pair of gloves and I was scratching my head on what's the purpose of these gloves.  I entered the tunnel and oh wow! I need to be careful inside a glass maze. Nearby was the Glass Temple.  It was cool inside that temple believers can easily relax and meditate.  It's a very unique temple in Taiwan and it's only in Changhua that I have seen this kind of temple. 

Taiwan Tour Bus Lukang Dacheng Route took me to Wanggong Fishing Port where a big blue bridge got my attention and it's called the King's Bow Bridge. I walked to the bridge and I saw on the other side towering windmills with the black and white Fangyuan Lighthouse. The lighthouse is said to be highest in Taiwan. I went to the wetlands and the water glistened as the sun illuminates Changhua's coastline.

Cha-cha-cha. Dancing cha-cha is like touring Changhua. There are so many places to see and explore. You go forward, then another one catches your attention that will tend you to go backward. Everything was music to my ears from the gigantic Great Buddha to historic Lukang town, all the way to the scenic Wanggong Fishing Port. Cha-cha-cha. I just followed every beat. Cha-cha-cha. Cha-Cha-Changhua.

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