Juming Museum (朱銘美術館) - Jinshan Old Street (金山老街) [Taiwan Day 715: Plan B - Aug 16, 2015] | luomujie blogspot

Juming Museum (朱銘美術館) - Jinshan Old Street (金山老街) [Taiwan Day 715: Plan B - Aug 16, 2015]

A lot of people will be happy about this news – the paragliding adventure didn't happened! Many wanted to join the trip but not on Taiwan Day 715. Some still have work in the lab on a Sunday while others requested to have the flying activity after they came back from their vacation in their home country. It was hard for me not to grant their wish as I have a travel schedule to follow. However, things didn’t turn out pretty well. Kevin, Daisy, Vasanth, Priya and I have to execute the great alternative.

The misadventure started at Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A where we took Bus 1815 going to Wanli Elementary School. I have already contacted Mustang Paragliding and they said we just have to call them once we were at the elementary school. They will send a van to pick us up. We called them and they answered the phone. Unfortunately, we have wait till 12 noon since there was no wind yet at 10am. The group then decided to see Jinshan Old Street to kill the time.
I have read about Jinshan before but I haven't been to that place before. If my memory serves me right, we took Bus 862 from Wanli Elementary School to Jinshan Old Street. The bus ride took us to the hillside where we saw the beautiful East China Sea. The mountains face the tranquil sea and I imagined myself jumping off from a cliff to do paragliding.

We arrived in Jinshan Old Street in a few minutes and at first glance it was a typical old street in Taiwan. It was a good thing that Kevin and Daisy was with the group. They can speak Chinese and they can explain some things about the Jinshan. One noticeable thing about the Jinshan Old Street was the abundance of sweet potatoes. Processed products like the sweet potato balls and sweet potato chips can also be found.
We walked and enjoyed eating the free samples of the stores along the old street until we saw people bringing out food from a temple. It was the Guang’an Temple where the famous Jinshan duck dish can be bought in a restaurant in front of it. Kevin and Daisy ordered the food while Priya, Vasanth and I just have to look for the mysterious building where the customers are bringing their food. There were no seats and that’s why people were bringing their food outside. We just followed customers holding plates of food until we found the building. 

It was a big building with many floors and we found an empty dining table in the third floor. Kevin and Daisy ordered a noodle meal, a bamboo dish and of course – the Jinshan duck. I really liked the bamboo dish and the Jinshan duck. The flavors were very different from the foods I always ate in Taipei. Since it was already 12 noon, Kevin called Mustang Paragliding (the contact person was not fluent in English) but the response was not a good one. It was raining in the mountain. Oh no! My paragliding adventure...

The group decided to just went to Juming Museum by taking the Taiwan Tour Bus from Jinshan Old Street. I've also heard a lot about this unique museum in Taiwan. Juming Museum is an outdoor museum where the artworks of the famous Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming are displayed. I've never seen statues that were just full of life. The so-called Living World Series and the Taichi Series were just enjoyable to look at. Kevin and I tried to mimic two statues in a fighting form. 1,2,3 and we have a nice photo. It was 'partyking' vs 'travelking' in one great picture.

Although the paragliding activity didn't happen I still enjoyed Taiwan Day 715. I will reschedule the flying activity maybe in September when the weather will be excellent for flying. But what if the weather suddenly changed? No worries. I will have a plan B.


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