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Heping Island Park (和平島公園) - Miaokou Night Market (廟口夜市) [Hopping in Heping]

“No Fishing, No Climbing, Do Not Enter”. These were some of the signs that we saw inside Heping Island. Yes! I went to another island but the small island is still connected to the island of Taiwan by a bridge. We entered the forbidden zone like what the Taiwanese visitors do and we marveled at the beautiful rock formations amidst the danger of slipping in the rocks.

Going to Heping Island was fast and easy. I went there together with Lam (Singaporean) and Fisoliya (Zimbabwean). They were my Travel Buddies for this Taiwan Day 512. We took a train from Nangang Station in Taipei to Keelung Station in Keelung City and we arrived there after 40 minutes.

After getting some travel brochures from the Keelung Visitor Information Center, we waited for Bus 101 which took us to Heping Island. We walk along Pingyi Road until we found the entrance to the Heping Island Park. The regular ticket price costs 60 NTD but we only paid 40 NTD since we showed our student ID.

Heping Island or Peace Island is one of the attractions in Keelung and the place has a rocky shoreline which was carved by nature. The rock formations were much similar to the ones I saw in Yehliu Geopark which I visited in Taiwan Day 259 (The Queen and I).

One of the interesting rock formations was the “rock spirit” and a shrine was built just for this big rock. I went near to it and I noticed a face on its head. It's really a rock spirit! There was also this cave called the “Cave of Foreign Words”. We climbed to the entrance and went inside. Mavis went first followed by Lam and then me. I took a video to document everything. 

Inside the cave were inscriptions from people who inhabited the cave. Based on bloggers, the cave was used by the colonizers of Taiwan and they carved their initials and the year on the wall. I saw a “KB” initial with the date 1667. It must be one of the Dutch colonizers of Taiwan.

I used my 8x40 binoculars and we were able to see the nearby Keelung Islet. We got hungry after exploring Heping Island Park. We then went to Miaokou night market where we got a taste of the one-bite sausage. We also ordered the famous pao pao ice. Mavis chose the pineapple flavor while Lam and I chose the mango flavor. It was very tasty and not very sweet. I remember my mother's homemade ice candy while eating one of Miaokou night market's famous food.

Given another chance, I would like to repeat jumping, standing and balancing on the rock formations of Heping Island Park. I will bring more friends to make it more fun. It will be another hopping in Heping.

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