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Monday, February 16, 2015

Jiufen (九份) foodtrip - Museum of Ghost Masks - Shengping Theater - Jiufen Taro Balls [Taiwan Day 533: Hungry in Jiufen - Feb. 15, 2015]


When I posted my Taiwan Day 252 (Spirited Away) a friend was skeptic in believing that Jiufen was the inspiration of Hayao Miyazaki’s 2001 animated film Spirited Away. In that film, Chihiro and her parents got into a street full of food and if you’re a fan of Miyazaki’s films you know what happened next. I went there for the second time in Jiufen Old Street for an exciting foodtrip. I went there hungry and wanting to eat.

I did my homework and made a list of foods to eat based on the recommendations of different bloggers. The top 5 foods in my list were accompanied with Chinese names. I just showed my list to the people in the store. They gave me the food that I want and then I pay.

The Zhang Ji Traditional Fish Balls were my appetizer. It was served in a bowl of soup and I slowly regained my energy as I sipped it. I left the Zhang Ji Store No. 23 after eating and I walked until I found Store No. 45 which was selling the Peanut Ice Cream Roll. 

A large cube of peanut brittle was being shaved and the tiny pieces of the peanuts were placed on a crepe. Two scoops of ice cream were then added which made the food interesting to eat. The seller will just wrap the crepe and it’s ready to eat. A Japanese tourist laughed upon seeing how the food is prepared.  The first bite of the Peanut Ice Cream Roll was memorable and I love the taste of the peanuts mixed with ice cream. 

I forgot to include the number of the store which sells Red Wine Meat Ball with Glutinous Rice Skin but a lot of these meat balls are being sold in Jiufen Old Street so finding one was easy. The red color of these fluffy meat balls were very attractive and I saw a lady how she prepares the food. She used scissors to cut the red portion and I took a video to document the scene.

The Hakka Glutinous Rice Cakes were very cheap for a price of NTD 10. I chose the red bean flavor and I was delighted with the sweet taste of the red bean with the sticky feeling. It comes in various flavors and I would love to try again other flavors. 

My visit to the Ghost Mask Museum and Shengping Theater were my side dishes. The mask museum boasts a large number of masks inspired by the ghosts that the owner sees while Shengping Theater is Taiwan’s oldest movie theater. 

The crowning glory of Jiufen Old Street was the Taro Balls and it can be served hot or cold. I chose to eat the cold version. It was served as shaved iced with yummy taro balls mixed with red beans and another one which I forgot. It tastes really good! Not only my stomach got full but also my eyes. A nice view of the East China Sea was just beside me.

grilled snails

When you go to Jiufen just remember that it is not a night market and most shops close at 6pm. And also be ready with a large swarm of people at 4pm. Their stomachs are empty and looking for food. They will eat and eat because just like me they are hungry in Jiufen.


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