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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Taiwan Day 434: Campus Notes - Nov. 8, 2014


My Taiwan Day Adventures not only covers various trips in different tourist spots in Taiwan. It also includes campus visits to different universities in the island. My last campus visit was in National Taiwan University which I visited in Taiwan Day 224 (Pride of Formosa). It is Taiwan's UP and I called it the “Pride of Formosa”.

Each university has their own story and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) has a unique one. The conference that I was attending has some Chinese sessions and as it was happening I took the chance to sneak out and looked on what this university has to offer.

NCKU is locally called as Cheng Da, the word Cheng comes from Cheng Kung while Da comes from Daxue (meaning university). It is located in Tainan City which is Taiwan's oldest city. It was established during Taiwan's Japanese colonial period in 1931 and was known as the Tainan Technical College. The Japanese were the first teachers in this university and it's like an engineering school on those days.

NCKU is divided into many campuses but they are adjacent to each other. I find it weird at first but it made NCKU unique. The oldest and original campus is the Cheng Kung campus. I did my homework before I went to Tainan and I have with me a printed map of NCKU showing the interesting places to see so going around was so easy.

I love the campus! As I wandered around the university, I noticed the brick-style buildings. The old buildings were located in the Cheng-Kung campus. The Double Courtyard Faculty of Engineering and Gerchih were some of those. Tainan City is a walled city like Manila and I saw the remnants of the Small East Gate and Small West Gate inside the campus. The Japanese tore down the wall to make improvements in the city just like what they did in the Hsinchu and Taipei.

I learned a lot from the NCKU Museum especially about the exhibit about the life of a teacher in NCKU in the 1930s. A mineral exhibit was also ongoing and I saw large crystals while I could not forget the lock exhibit. It was a collection of unique and rare locks. I didn't know that locks could come in different forms and sizes. The most striking to me was the puzzle locks. How difficult would it be to open your house if you have this kind of lock! You have to first solve the puzzle in order to unlock the lock. haha!

The Cheng Kung Lake was a lovely sight. It has a bridge and an island at the center. Beside the lake is the Banyan Garden and there were many people. The banyan trees at NCKU were very big! I never knew that banyans could grow very big. It is said that the banyan trees in NCKU came from Kagoshima prefecture and some were planted by Crown Prince Hirohito of Japan. I marveled at the radiant branches of one beautiful giant banyan tree. The seed that was planted by the Crown Prince decades ago was now a giant tree and I was in front of it. It was an amazing moment.

My campus notes were full of beautiful memories with this university. As the two-day ISEGB 2014 ended, I exited NCKU with full of excitement. My tour of Tainan has begun! A great adventure awaits me at the “Ancient City”.

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