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Zhongzheng Sports Center (臺北市中正運動中心) - Taipei Archery [Arrow]

Stand sideways facing the target. Hold the bow with the left hand with your arm guard on it. Get an arrow from the quiver. Place the arrow on the arrow rest. Position the arrow's notch below the notching point. The arrow's fletching should be in the right position. 'Lock' the nock in the string just below the nocking point. Peek at the target using the bow sight. Pull the string using your fingers with the help of the finger tab. Release the arrow when your right hand is below your chin. These are the steps to follow in order to hit target. Taiwan Day 413 happened so fast that it hit me like an arrow. I went to Taiwan and I became an archer. lol (UP Fight!)

Taiwan Getaways  organized an archery event last Saturday. It is an online group in meetup.com where people who love adventure gather and do various exciting activities. Cherry Hsu was the organizer of the event and I joined the group using my fb account. The event happened at Zhongzheng Sports Center and it is one of the many public sports center that the Taipei government built to promote a healthy lifestyle for its citizens. It is just beside Chiang-Kai Shek (CKS) Memorial Hall and easily accessed by Exit 5 of the CKS MRT Station.

A lot of people joined the activity who I do not know. There were Taiwanese and some came from other countries. They were my Travel Buddies for this Taiwan Day Adventure.


We first did stretching exercises and then a grandpa taught us some basic archery techniques. Cherry told in the online group that a Coach Lee will taught the group archery and that he is an Olympic trainer. “He must be Coach Lee”, I told myself as the grandpa explained how to use the bow in Chinese! Haha! Cherry just translated what Coach Lee was saying.

He demonstrated the basic steps like putting the arrow with the fletching or the feathers of the arrow in the right position. Our arrows have three feathers. Two must face one side either on the left or right and the other one facing the other side. The single feather facing one side should be perpendicular to the bow's vertical position. The arrow has a nock which should be placed below a metal bead called the nocking point.

I am right handed so I should hold the bow using my left hand and pull the bow string using my right hand. A plastic gear called the arm guard was also given to us and he placed it one by one to each of the group members left arm. It kept my left arm straight while doing archery. Coach Lee also placed a finger tab in my right hand fingers so that I can easily pull the string. He calibrated the bow sight after he taught me how shoot the arrow properly. I should release the arrow when my hand is below my chin.

When Coach Lee left me to assist another person, I got one arrow from the quiver and put in the arrow rest in the bow. It will be my first unsupervised attempt to do archery. I placed the arrow's nock below the metal bead. I pulled the string but the arrow didn't fly! Some people even laughed at me.

I forgot to 'locked' the nock in the string so that when I pulled the string the arrow will also be pulled and be pushed by the string's elastic potential energy when I released the arrow.

But I was determined! I stood sideways facing the target. I held the bow with my left hand with the arm guard on it. I got an arrow from the quiver and I placed the arrow on the arrow rest of the bow. I positioned the arrow's nock below the nocking point. I also made sure that the arrow's fletching should be in the right position. I locked the nock in the string just below the nocking point and I aimed the target using the bow sight. I pulled the string with the help of the finger tab on my right hand fingers. I pulled it until my right hand was below my chin. I closed my left eye. 'Target Locked'. I then released the arrow!


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