Hsinchu City (新竹市) - Glass Museum of Hsinchu City (新竹市文化局) - Hsinchu City East Gate (新竹東門城) [A Taste of Hsinchu] | luomujie blogspot

Hsinchu City (新竹市) - Glass Museum of Hsinchu City (新竹市文化局) - Hsinchu City East Gate (新竹東門城) [A Taste of Hsinchu]

The hunger to explore new places brought me to a familiar place I never had a chance to explore. I live and study in Taipei but I am enrolled in National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Hsinchu (新竹) [Filipino: shin-chu] City. The city is a province in Northern Taiwan and one can take the bus from Taipei Bus Station or ride the 'chu-chu' train from Taipei Main Station to reach this province. Hsinchu seems to be bland as compared to Taipei and New Taipei City but this Taiwan Day Adventure proved that Hsinchu is as tasty as Taipei 101.

NTHU organized a cultural trip to Hsinchu City. I signed up and I was with other NTHU students during the trip. Myrron who is my Travel Buddy in Taiwan Day 371 and 393 also joined the trip. They were my Travel Buddies in this Taiwan Day 420. There was a tour guide and a minibus took us to different places in Hsinchu City.

I made a research about Hsinchu while writing this article and I just found out that there are two Hsinchus in Taiwan. The first one is Hsinchu City and the second one is the Hsinchu County. haha! Others say that there are no places to visit in Hsinchu but I've been to one place which is Green World in Taiwan Day 360 (As Green As Grass). Green World was in the Hsinchu County so Hsinchu City is something new to me.

The trip started with a food trip about rice noodles and meatballs. The meatballs were not just ordinary meatballs. They are local delicacies in Hsinchu. The meatballs were covered by a white coating with a tasty sauce poured over it. The Chenghuang Temple is the perfect place to soak your taste buds with authentic Hsinchu delicacies. A night market is beside the temple and the place is full of people. Myrron even bought a small jar of peanut butter from a shop. Our tour guide told us that it is the best peanut butter in town.

Hsinchu City is known as the Windy City due to its climate. Aside from being windy, it is also a Glass City. The place is rich in silica sand which is needed to make glass. They have a strong industry and culture of glass making that they have a Hsinchu Glass Museum. We toured in the museum and found a 'jail of glass'. The other interesting section of the museum was the art glass gallery. We saw different forms of glass figurines made from the different glass making techniques while the Glass Studio gave us an idea how the artworks were made.

Hsinchu is a walled city before like Manila. There were gates installed in the walled city. Our tour guide said that the Japanese tore down the walls and gates to improve the city and what is only left is the East Gate. Today, the East Gate is one of the landmarks of Hsinchu City. It binds the people of Hsinchu of its past, present and future.

We were brought back to NTHU by our tour guide and I then decided to take the train in Hsinchu Train Station. The Hsinchu Train Station is another landmark in Hsinchu. It was constructed during the Japanese colonial period of Taiwan and reminds me of a European architecture. It was so beautiful! Inside the train station was a Visitor Information Center where I got new travel brochures in Taiwan. I will use the brochures in planning my next travel adventures.

Oh Hsinchu! You are so sweet. I didn't know that you are as rich as Taipei. Next time, I will bring my friends in Taipei. I will let them bite you so that they can have a taste of Hsinchu.

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