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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yongkang Street (永康街) foodtrip - Elephant Mountain (象山) hiking [Taiwan Day 217: Spring Saturday - April 5, 2014]


How do you turn your boring Saturday afternoon into an exciting one? Go to places, take photos, make a story then post it in fb. All work and no play makes Lou-Mu Jie a dull boy and I needed a new toy to add excitement to my travel adventures in Taiwan. I got my new gadget near Taipei Main Station. It was a tripod from Camera Street and I was so excited to try it immediately.

The view upon getting out of Dongmen Station Exit 5
I have been to many places in Taipei but there were still places that I haven't explored like the Yongkang Commercial District in Dongmen. The food heaven can be accessed by Exit 5 of the Dongmen Station of the Luzhou-Nanshijiao line of the Taipei MRT. If you have plans of exploring Taiwan the most basic thing you need to have is the Taipei Metro Tourist Map and you will not definitely miss Yongkang Street Commercial District on your itinerary.

scallion pancake

Yongkang was bustling with shops and restaurants and even before I exited Dongmen Station I was teased by mouth watering photos of mango desserts in the escalators of Exit 5. I must definitely try one I said to myself. There were lots of food to eat and choose from and I can easily commit gluttony if I haven't controlled myself. 


One of the popular food houses in Yongkang were the ones selling mango shaved ice. The food was so popular that there were lots of Taiwanese trying to order their favorite fruit dessert. I tried one and I chose the Super Fruits Mix Mango Snowflake Ice with Sorbet for NTD 180. What a long name for a dessert! I just said number 10 and gave my money to the person on the counter.

As I waited for my order I noticed that some customers placed their strawberry flavor shaved ice that they freshly got from the counter on the table beside me. The sparkling pinkish color of the shaved ice made me thought of grabbing their spoon and scoop one into my mouth. I got my order after waiting patiently. Just like an episode in the anime Cooking Master Boy I have gone into the depths of outer space after tasting my first scoop of the mango shaved ice. A supernova explosion happened in my mouth.

After eating I decided to burn the calories that I got by hiking Elephant Mountain which I visited in Taiwan Day 100. Climbing Elephant Mountain was a work out to my quadriceps and calves. I was already sweating when I heard four females talking and they seemed not be Taiwanese. They spoke in a very sweet language. I guessed that they were Koreans and I felt that I was in Korean drama. I need subtitles to understand what they were talking about.


A viewing platform in Elephant Mountain
I planned to test my tripod upon reaching the viewing area. But to my surprise there were already people who placed their tripod with their big, bulky and black DSLR cameras. I decided not to compete with them and just use my creativity in taking photos. I was lucky that I was able to find a good spot amidst the large crowd in the viewing area. I took a lot of photos. As the sun sets down Taipei transforms from a gray concrete jungle into a shining sea of lights. It was my first sunset viewing experience in Taiwan and I was so happy.

I unpacked the box of my tripod upon reaching the dorm. I placed my camera on top and took photos of myself. I was so tired but my experiences were unforgettable.

So how did I turned my boring Saturday afternoon into an exciting one? Food trip in Yongkang, hiking the Elephant Mountain and watching the sunset behind Taipei 101. All of these things happened on one spring Saturday!


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