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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180304: Taichung Wun Chang Elementary School (台中文昌國小)]


A sakura jazz night.  People dancing under the petals of the cherry blossoms.  The lively music fills the atmosphere as smiles are exchanged.  There's a party here in Taichung and I came gatecrashing the event. 

Would you be surprised if I tell you that it happened in an elementary school?  During the spring season, a festivity happens here.  When the sun is up, the school is filled with students.  They worked diligently for their good future but at night the youth is replaced by middle and old-aged people.  They won't enter the school in the middle of darkness and will just gather at the sidewalk along Tianjin Road Section 4. 

With saxophones, speakers and a set of chairs, the fun event is ready for action.  Hear ye! Hear ye! There's a party here in Wun Chang Elementary School when the yaesakuras are in bloom.  The sound coming from the woodwind instrument invites the villagers to join the fun.  Parents bring their kids and let them dance at the center.  Everybody clapped their hands as they followed the rhythm of the music.

Standing here beside these happy people is like being an Alice in a Wonderland.  As the wind blows, the petals of the yaesakura are being swept away.  A natural confetti colored in pink and sprinkled with love.  It showered the atmosphere with happiness that only this community can only have.   Music plus sakura.  Sakura plus the people.  It all sums up to joy.

I looked up at the trees and they all looked pink.  The flowers are illuminated by the lights coming from the ground making a night cherry blossom viewing experience that I would never forget.  The petals have become pinker than ever! Haha!  

How to get here?  Board a local train of the TRA and alight at Taiyuan Station. It's just one station away from the Taichung Station.  From the train station, I walked for 1.3 kilometers to reach the elementary school.   Walk carefully as you cross the street and get near to the sakura jazz event.  Once you are there, let your ears do the work.  Listen to that unforgettable tune under the cherry blossoms.   

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