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Gudetama Chef restaurant (蛋黃哥五星主廚餐廳) [Taipei kong mahal 180328: Feel lazy after being hungry]

Have you ever heard of Gudetama? If not, then how about Hello Kitty? Sanrio created that fictional feline cartoon character alongside other popular Japanese cartoons like Kero Kero Keroppi.  In this modern era of selfies, Gudetama rises as the icon of the millennial world.  Its Japanese name suggests an egg with no energy.  An egg yolk that is depicted to be always lazy.  Its fame in Japan had spread across in Asia and Taipei was surely hit by its laziness.  

Due to its popularity, the Gudetama Chef (蛋黃哥五星主廚餐廳) restaurant was opened in Taipei’s Da’an District following the frenzy in Japan, Hongkong, and Singapore.  When I first heard it in the news, I ignored it until I made a search on the internet and watch videos of Gudetama on YouTube.  I then became an instant fan after watching some clips, that I wonder what would it be like to eat the lazy egg and say “gude gude”.  

The Gudetama restaurant is 400 meters away from Zhongxiao Dunhua Station and the only problem that you will encounter here was how to reserve a seat.  They have an online reservation system but it was in Chinese and the site says that all of the days were all fully booked. So I went to the restaurant at 5:30 pm to reserve two seats for 8:00 pm.  I entered the establishment and I talked to an English-speaking waitress.   I was immediately told that there were no seats and they distribute numbers at their opening time of 11:00 am.   Trying it for one more time, I went back again at 8:00 pm and luckily I finally got a seat. 

A variety of food can be chosen varying from pasta, burgers, pizzas and rice meals.  However, the descriptions were in Chinese so it was really helpful that I knew some basic Mandarin.   Remember the words niúròu (牛肉) for beef, jīròu (雞肉) for chicken meat, zhūròu (豬肉) for pork and yúròu (魚肉) for fish meat if you are conscious on what the food was made of. The simple phrase “yǒu méiyǒu niúròu” means that you are asking if the food has beef or not. A reply of “méiyǒu” means that it doesn't have any.  Keep in mind of these basic words and you won't have difficulty in deciding on your order. 


after... Haha!

A rice meal where the grains of yellow rice was arranged like Gudetama.  I also had a salad containing a mixture of green leafy vegetables and some fruits.  Hard-boiled eggs were also added but cut into thin slices.  Since the character Gudetama is an egg, boiling it was like making the character a sort of a loser in life and slicing it means cutting your losses.  I also ordered two different kinds of pizzas.  The first one was made up of cheese and it was a bit spicy while the second pizza had some shrimp on it with no chicken, pork or beef.   The whole meal costs NTD 1,100 which is good for two persons.

stuff toys for sale at the souvenir shop

Aside from the good food (which I find to be surprisingly delicious for a theme restaurant), the decorations inside would make you want to have some pictures.  From the lightbulbs to walls up to the entrance of the restaurant, the entire eating experience would make you feel that you have been inside the world of Gudetama.  An egg sleeping under the warmth of a bacon blanket that just wants to continuously sleep forever. “Goodeh…tama…tama, Goodeh…tama…tama”.  I think anyone here will feel lazy after being hungry.

Gudetama Chef (蛋黃哥五星主廚餐廳)
Address: No. 12, Lane 236, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106


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