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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180227: Bishanyan]


A stairway to heaven. Do you want to climb this staircase that leads to a feeling of unexplainable happiness?  Experience taking each step as your eyes gaze at the beautiful flowers of the cherry blossoms hanging above you.  You can find these steps in the mountains of Taipei.  The place is called Bishanyan and just a few minutes away from an MRT Station.

It seems that it's not just the province Nantou that have received the blessing of the Taiwan gods. Empty hearts are filled with joy as one takes a look at the view of the city while picking ripe strawberries in the farms.  Locals come here to pray at the temple and savor the fresh air from the mountains. Taipei’s Neihu is definitely one place not be missed during the spring season especially when the sakuras starts to appear.

Every visitor is mesmerized by the petals of the cherry blossoms and even I was a victim of their unparalleled beauty. From the moment I get off from the bus to the highest point of that staircase, I can't remove my eyes from them. I was totally starstruck! Surprisingly, there were many visitors on a busy a weekday. If they have decided to take a leave from their work, then it must have been a good decision. The flowers were still many although the weather was cloudy.

A bee as it sucks nectar from an azalea flower
But it didn't stop from going to Neihu to see the sakuras. Click after click, pose after every pose. The smiles on their faces are endless as each person's laughter was music to everyone’s ears. Not only humans visited the place. There were also insects. The bees were present as well as the butterflies. The Taiwan gods must have transformed themselves into these winged beings to check the fruit of their labor. They want to know if the invisible powder of infinite happiness they have spread in Central Taiwan have reached Taipei. It did and every visitor was so happy.

How to get to Bishanyan? Just board the MRT and get off at Neihu Station in the Brown Line.  Look for the Jiantou Fude Temple (梘頭福德祠) located at Neihu Road Section 2 and wait for Bus S2.   The vehicle will take you up in the hills where the strawberry farms can be found.  Get off at the famous stairs of Bishanyan and you can now start taking pictures and selfies with the cherry blossoms.

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