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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180123: Taipei Flower Test Center]


Standing in front of cherry blossom trees, a couple kisses each other in a garden in Taipei’s Shilin District.  Such sight is so common during springtime.  When sakuras appear in the city, lovers dressed in formal attire wander in Taiwan’s scenic spots.   They were there to take their prenuptial photos.   And what place do they usually go to?  It’s the Taipei Flower Test Center.

From cherry blossoms to plum blossoms, there are many flowers here that every month there is always something to look forward to.   For January, the Taiwan cherry blossoms are expected to appear in the park.  Thanks to the cold weather in Taipei, the sakura trees are now back to its normal flowering rate.

Riding a bus going to Yangmingshan, visitors can’t resist looking at the park as the vehicle passes by.  Tall branches trying to reach for the sky.   Its red-violet flowers waving hello to all the passersby.  Admission is free and everyone is invited to have a leisurely walk in the park. 


showa sakura

For those expecting the pink color of the cherry blossoms.  Don’t worry! The Taipei Flower Test Center have some showa sakura.  However, they will appear at a later time.   The park also has multi-petal cherry blossoms called the yaesakura.  Like the showa, these sakuras have a later blossoming period compared to the Taiwan cherry blossoms.   Expect these flowers to appear in February and March if the weather conditions are favorable for the buds to open.

Sakura fans in Taipei were delighted to know that tulips were on display in the park until January 28.  Yellow, violet, red and some were a mixture of warm colors.   They were fun to look at making you feel that you went to The Netherlands without ever leaving Taiwan.

camellia exhibit area

If the tulips were not enough, then there are the beautiful flowers of the camellia.  From January 19 to 28, the camellia festival takes visitors to a dazzling floral world.  Go inside the exhibit area and get amazed at its different sizes and shapes.  At the garden, plants filled with the camellias are for everyone to enjoy.  They look like giant roses but much larger in size. 

This has been my best visit in the Taipei Flower Test Center.   Taiwan cherry blossoms at 80% flowering rate + tulips + camellia festival.  I went home as a winner for this episode of the 2018 Sakura Series.

How to get here:  Board Bus 260 from Taipei Main Station or Bus 303 at Shilin District Farmer’s Association building near MRT Shilin Station.  Get off the bus at Shanzihou Police Station.  The park is on the other side of the road.  

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