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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossom Forecast 2018: The ultimate guide


Sakura Series.  The crown jewel of the luomujie blog will open again for another great season of cherry blossom hunting.  Gone are the days that tourists could not find a reliable source of English information about the different cherry blossom viewing spots on this island.  Thanks to my website, searching for the beautiful flowers during the festive spring season had become easier.

at Orange Garden Cafe

But what are the odds of seeing cherry blossoms when visiting in February, March or even April? Well, the chances are very high, the only thing you need to know is WHERE and WHEN they will appear.  Timing is very important during the Taiwan's cherry blossom festival.  You come very early and the flowers are not yet many.  You arrive late and the flowers start to wither and fall on the ground like teardrops.

Answering the question WHERE, I have prepared a Taiwan Sakura and Attractions Map to help visitors easily find their way to the cherry blossom trees.  The combined libraries of the 2016 and 2017 edition of my Sakura Series gave rise to 50 different points on the island.   How to use this map? Just click on the flower icon, and a photo will appear with a link to my blog post.  For readers using smartphone, the Sakura Map can be opened through the Google Maps app which makes it convenient for tourists who are always on the go.  

Wulai Scenic Area

at Pingjing St. Lane 42

Tianyuan Palace backyard

Broadwood Park

Wuling Farm

Now that you know where are the different places to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan, the next question that I need to answer is WHEN is the best time to visit them is.  This is a very tricky question.  To help solve this problem, the desktop version of the luomujie blog has been designed with a cherry blossom submenu.  The different sakura spots have been grouped based on the month that I saw them.  So for the month of January, Pingjing St. Lane 42 and Wulai Scenic Area are the first bloomers.   This will be followed by the flowers in the Tianyuan Palace backyard, Broadwood Park, New Garden City and the very beautiful Wuling Farm during February. 

Yangmingshan Park stream area
Yangming Park fountain

at Yangmingshan Park Visitor Information Center

at Yangmingshan Park Service Center bus stop
Sun Link Sea

The month of March is a wild animal.  Climate change had disrupted the blossoming patterns of the sakuras in Yangmingshan, making them to appear weeks after the Chinese New Year.  The flowers there usually blossoms in February as supported by my “Taiwan Day 539: The Beginning of Spring” travelogue in 2015.  Now, the sakuras seem to blossom in March breaking the norms of what it was used to be.  Expect the showa and yoshino sakura to appear during this month with the park stream area, the Yangming Park fountain, Yangminshan Visitor Center and Yangmingshan Park Service Center bus stop as the best places to gaze at the flowers.  In New Taipei, the Tianyuan Palace is the hotspot every March while Sun Link Sea in Nantou is the next big thing after the Wuling Farm cherry blossom  festival.

Loving Farm in Lalashan

Xinshe Cherry Hill Slope

at Tai'an Police Station

Other places like the Loving Farm in Lalashan are also worth to see. But with no public transportation to take people directly to the place, visiting them would take too much time and money.   Taichung offers an alternative to those who had been to Yangmingshan.  Near TRA Tai'an Station is a police headquarters where people flock to enjoy yaesakura cherry blossoms.  While on another district in Central Taiwan, a bus ride from Fengyuan Station takes visitors to the Xinshe Cherry Hill Slope.  It’s an unknown place for cherry blossom viewing and also a little dangerous because it is located beside a road.

Tokyo cherry blossoms in Alishan

April?  There is no other better answer but Alishan.  Visitors can expect the Tokyo cherry blossoms to appear during the first week of April.   The sakura festival in Alishan varies in time depending on the climate condition but expect the flowers to blossom starting from the first week of March to as late as the first half of the month.  The luomujie blog has a special section for Alishan under the April menu of the cherry blossoms tab.  Go ahead and see the links. It also available on the Sakura Map.  Alishan is located on the Southern region of Taiwan.  Zoom in on the map and you will discover the different places where you can see in the sakuras inside the forest recreation area.

Dongfang Temple

Sansei Trail

Hope River

If you think that going to Alishan will consume a lot of time, then Taipei has some places to offer.   I call them the late-bloomers and they are the Dongfang Temple in Shilin District and the Hope River and Sansei Trail in New Taipei.  I cannot specifically tell the best time to visit them but the flowers should blossom on the first week of April if the weather conditions are just right for the buds to open.

Tianyuan Palace

So are you now super-excited to see the cherry blossoms in Taiwan?  If yes is your answer, then start planning your itinerary.  But wait, there’s more! Exciting new sakura viewing spots will be featured in the luomujie blog this year.  These are places that has never been seen before by the English-speaking world.   I will also revisit selected places in Greater Taipei.  So you better watch out, you better not cry because spring is coming to town.   

Cheers for the grand opening of the 2018 Sakura Series!

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Sakura Series - Taiwan

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The "Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei) travel series will return on October 3. ;)

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