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Taitung (台東) - Chulu Ranch (初鹿牧場) [Travel in Taiwan 170706: A Midsummer Night's Dream Part 2]

Chulu Ranch.  What can I say about this recreational farm? It is not as big as Cingjing Farm in Nantou nor as cute as the Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli.  It is a simple grassland hiding in the mountains of Taitung.  Inside its wooden fences are cows, pigs, and horses that create an atmosphere perfect for kids who want to enjoy their summer vacation.   

To get to Chulu Ranch, just board the Taiwan Tour Bus East Rift Valley Line.

One way ticket from Taitung Bus Station to Chulu Farm is NTD 64.  


Near the gate of the farm, you can see Tropic of Cancer-like marker with a cow marked with drawings.

Adult tickets cost NTD 200.

map of Chulu Ranch


I enjoyed strolling around the farm on a hot Thursday.  With my girlfriend supporting me in this adventure, I held her hand as we try to look for the cows on the farm.  We found them and they were under the shade of a tree.  The black and white color of their skin is a stark contrast against the green color of the grassland and the mountains behind them. 

Chulu Ranch is a nice place to have a picnic. If we only had a mat, we would open it and lay on top a basket full of food.     Just stay away from the cow area or else the smell of its dung will ruin your lunch.   The weather was cloudy during our visit but it helped in reducing the temperature on a hot summer day.

My girlfriend went inside this building to buy some food.

While she was inside that building, I sat on one of these swing chairs.

When she came back, she brought some biscuits and delicious ice cream.

But if you can't withstand the heat, then go to the convenience stores inside the recreational area.  Local ice cream products are there for you to try.  There was this building in which the roof was painted like the Holstein Friesian cattle. My girlfriend went inside and I waited for her on a covered dining area with hanging chairs designed to function like a swing.  Upon her return, she handed to me two cans of ice cream and biscuits made from of cow’s milk.   

The ice cream wasn't enough so I went to another store buy a cone of ice cream.  I want to know if it's different from what my girlfriend bought for me.

Aside from selling ice cream, the store also has some buns.

There was also a store selling ice cream on a cone.  I also bought one for NTD 60 and the heat of the sun melted it easily.   It tasted the same with the ice cream on the small cans only that buying on a cone will get you more amounts of the cold dessert.  On how Chulu Ranch can have lots of products made up of cow's milk is a question whether this tourist attraction is a real functioning farm or not. 

Chulu ranch runs its own milk factory.

Walking around, I found the answer on one building.  A glass wall can be seen and behind it are workers dressed in white uniform.  Chulu Ranch has its own factory where visitors can see how the cow's milk is packaged into tetra packs and put inside boxes ready to be delivered to its customers.   The milk that was in my ice cream must have come from this place.   

The pigs are free to roam around the farm.


Visitors can feed the animals just like in Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli.

The farm can sustain the demand for milk through this in-house facility.  Located near the cages of the donkey, kangaroo and native pigs, are cows that give a stable supply of milk for everyone to enjoy.  Speaking of the other farm animals, it was nice to know that the visitors can feed them.  Carrots and grasses are available at an affordable price. Young kids enjoy the feeding activity with their cautious parents watching over them.   

The souvenir shop

For those wishing to kill more of their time, you can go inside the DIY shop and select one figurine to paint.   If you still have lots of money then why not check the souvenir shop.  There are various items to choose from ranging from specially designed caps to key chains perfect for lovers.


Before going to our next destination, my girlfriend and I made sure that we tried the swing in the grassland.  It was nothing fancy but riding on it freed our minds of all our problems.  I felt a bundle of joy as I forced myself to go higher with every swing of the chair.   My girlfriend also enjoyed the ride and I took her photos while she enjoyed her time under the tree.    

To catch the train going to Chishang Station, my girlfriend and I decided to board the train at Taitung Station through the service of the Taiwan Tour Bus.

The Taiwan Tour Bus brought us to Taitung Station where we boarded a local train going to Chishang Station.   Raindrops fell from the sky as the vehicle ran along the railroad.  After one hour, we arrived at the town of Chishang and we were delighted to know that the rain had finally stopped.  (To be continued...)

Chulu Ranch (初鹿牧場)
Address: 954, Taitung County, Beinan Township, 明峰村28鄰牧場1號


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