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Rainbow Village 2017 (彩虹眷村) [Travel in Taiwan 170723: Repainted Rainbow]


The rainbow.   Have you seen one? That arc in the sky with a band of colors.   Appearing after a rain or probably near a waterfall, it happens when water droplets refract the light coming from the sun.   I have seen it many times in Taiwan from Taipei to Kenting after the dark clouds in the sky have receded.   But in Taichung you can always find the rainbow, all on its shining glory. 

There's a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow Village.  Every hour tour buses make a stop in front of the military dependents' community, making this place more popular as ever.  A small complex of homes with tiles on its roofs, it is now a major tourist attraction in the city.   I have been here before in Taiwan Day 553 during my first Taichung Special and I was so excited to see it for the first time.   Comparing the Rainbow Village in 2017 to 2015, it is now more colorful and vibrant.  After being neglected for some time, the rainbow had finally reappeared!

A God's promise.   In the Bible, there was a story about a great flood that killed a lot of people.  Noah and his family were the only ones who survived along with every pair of animals in this world.   After the deluge, a rainbow appeared as a sign of God's promise that He won’t do again the great flood.   

This 2017, the world is about to see another overflowing ocean.   Massive amounts of petals are forecasted to fall in Taichung as the city will host the 2018 World Flora Exposition.  As early in November, a rising sea of flowers is expected to drown every visitor in the town of Xinshe.  The Rainbow Village was repainted in preparation for this big event as millions of tourists are anticipated to come to Taichung City.   

ROYGBIV.   The different of colors that form the rainbow are visible here in the village.  Even the ice pop in the souvenir shop follows the same concept.   You can see different layers in the frozen dessert because every color represents one flavor.  Haha!   Rob, my Travel Buddy.   His name is an acronym of three colors of the rainbow.   Red, orange and blue.  What a coincidence!  

How to get here?  Board Bus 30 or 40 from Gancheng bus stop.  If you are wondering where is Gancheng then you to have walk 550 meters from Taichung Station.   Follow Section 1 Shuangshi Road and it will lead you to the station.   Get off the bus at Ling Dong High School (嶺東高中) stop and walk towards Lingtung University where you can find Lingdong Road.  You know when you’re in Rainbow Village when you see a colorful fence with people lingering around.  Bus 56 also makes a stop near the tourist spot but it takes a longer route. 

Enjoy taking pictures once you are here but do not forget the man who brought life to this quiet corner of Taiwan.  Huang Yung-Fu.  He is the Taiwanese grandpa who transformed this small group of houses into one of Taichung's well-known tourist attractions.   His story and the village that he added color had already spread across the world.  Let us give thanks to Mr. Huang for without him we won’t see a repainted rainbow.


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  1. OMG! this is so cute and full of colors. Thanks for sharing i will inlcude Taichung in my list-to-go. I'm planning to go to Taiwan this Oct. :D is it far from Taipei?



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