Taipei (台北) Yongkang Street (永康街) beef noodles (牛肉麵) - Yǒngkāng Dāoxiāomiàn (永康刀削麵) [Travel in Taiwan 170521: The Best Tasting Beef Noodles "The First Bowl" (Delicious Taiwan)] | Travel in Asia

Monday, May 22, 2017

Taipei (台北) Yongkang Street (永康街) beef noodles (牛肉麵) - Yǒngkāng Dāoxiāomiàn (永康刀削麵) [Travel in Taiwan 170521: The Best Tasting Beef Noodles "The First Bowl" (Delicious Taiwan)]


The luomujie blog Delicious Taiwan subprogram now presents “The Best Tasting Beef Noodles”. This is the search for the yummiest and tastiest beef noodles in Taiwan. Do you want to know where to find them? Let's start first with Yongkang Street in Taipei.

The birthplace of the famous Din Tai Fung Restaurant is also the home of the well-known noodle houses in the city. Establishments here usually opens at 11:00 am so plan your trip well if you want to visit Yongkang Street. How to get to this food mecca? Board the Taipei MRT and alight at Dongmen Station. Go to Exit 5 and find yourself surprised with a variety of restaurants to choose from. 

Taste Buddy Teklu

Travel Buddy Teklu joined me in this food trip. I usually refer to my friends who joined my trips as a “Travel Buddy” but for a change let's call all those who will join my Delicious Taiwan adventure as a “Taste Buddy”. So Teklu, I congratulate you for being the first ever Taste Buddy. Haha! Together with Teklu and my future Taste Buddies, we will give our honest opinion about the food that we are going to eat and if they are worth to try. 

Yǒngkāng Dāoxiāomiàn (永康刀削麵) restaurant

Taste Buddy Teklu ordered a small bowl of the tomato beef noodle soup while I requested for a big bowl of the beef noodle soup.

Our first victim..Oops! I mean the first restaurant that we checked was Yǒngkāng Dāoxiāomiàn (永康刀削麵) Restaurant. The waitresses here have difficulty speaking English but the giant photos posted on the walls helped us a lot in deciding what to order. My Taste Buddy was looking for a hot bowl of beef noodles with some intestines on it. However, this restaurant could not give what my friend wanted but we opted to stay and decided to order. 

Of course, we requested for the beef noodles! Teklu was served a small bowl while I received a big one. I was expecting the same kind of taste from ready to eat noodles from convenient stores but their beef noodles here were very good. It was very tasty! The soup was so perfect and I really enjoyed it a lot. The meat was properly cooked and the noodles were more than enough to fill my stomach. 


There was just one problem. My Taste Buddy counted the number of beef slices in his 'small' order of noodles. One...two...three... There were only 3 pieces and he got very disappointed. I did not count mine but they mere many when I started eating. So it's better to order a big bowl because the difference is only NTD 40. My large bowl of beef noodles was priced at NTD 200 while Teklu's small order was NTD 160. But do not underestimate the servings here because your stomach can easily get bloated. If you're planning to eat in this place then it's better to come here very hungry to eat especially if you want to order a large bowl.

Yǒngkāng Dāoxiāomiàn (永康刀削麵) Restaurant
Address: No. 5, Lane 10, Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opens at 11:00 am 
Nearest MRT Station: Dongmen Station
Price: NTD 160 (small bowl), NTD 200 (big bowl)
rating: 5 out of 5 “luomujie” stars



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