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Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan [Yangming Park fountain (陽明公園噴水池)]

Type of cherry blossom: Shōwa sakura (昭和櫻)

How to get here: Board the Taipei MRT and alight at Taipei Main Station. Go to Exit M1 or to Taipei City Mall Exit Y6 and transfer to Bus 260. You will need to swipe your EasyCard twice. The first one upon entering the bus and the second scan before alighting the vehicle. The final stop of Bus 260 is at Yangmingshan Bus Terminal and tourists will have to transfer to a chartered bus to get to the Yangmingshan Park.

Status of flowering: full bloom

I went on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

A couple enjoying themselves in their photo shoot.

showa sakura with the Yangmingshan Park fountain

It was a cloudy in Yangmingshan during my visit.

Due to the recent rains in Northern Taiwan, the showa sakuras here did not look fresh anymore. 

But there were still flowers that retained their beauty.

selfie time


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