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Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan [Taipei 101 (台北101)]

How to get here: Board the Taipei MRT and alight at the Taipei City Hall Station. Go to Exit 2 and walk towards the direction of Taipei 101. You will find the sakura trees in Songzhi Park beside the buildings of Citibank Taiwan and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall.

Status of flowering: Delayed and uneven flowering in the branches of the trees. 70% of the flowers buds have opened.

marker of Songzhi Park

Flowering was not good this year.

The flowers opened late and most of the trees only have a few on its branches.  The recent rains even caused some of the petals to fall on the ground.

But some of the trees have many flowers.

sakura flowers beside the building of Citibank Taiwan

There were also sakura trees beside the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall.

There were more flowers here ...

... and the lighting was very good to take pictures.

Citibank Taiwan building beside a sakura tree

other buildings in Xinyi District

Taipei 101!

The building on the right is the Taipei City Hall.

Taipei 101 and cherry blossoms with buds that are yet to open.


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