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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan - 2017 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan 170218: Wuling Farm (武陵農場)]


"If the flowers that I gave you last night were not enough then accept these cherry blossoms as a sign of my love" - Luo Mu Jie.

at Taipei City Hall Bus Station

My bus was scheduled to leave at 6:10 am and ten minutes before the departure all the passengers were asked to board the vehicle.

After arriving at Wuling Farm, a card was given to all the passengers indicating the departure time back to Taipei.

How to get here: Buy your tickets (NTD 730) in advance at the Taipei City Hall Bus Station. Be on time on the day of your visit and remember that the trip is four hours. After arriving in Wuling Farm, the driver will give you a small card indicating the departure time of your bus. Do not lose this card. You only have five hours to roam around the farm. More details on how to plan your trip are available at this link:
Status of flowering: Most of the trees have achieved "full bloom" while others were not. The Tea Garden has opened up to 50% of its buds so you can still see cherry blossoms until Feb. 28 which is the last day of the special bus trips from Taipei City Hall Bus Station.
All the passengers were dropped off at the peach farm.  Visitors are then given five hours to roam around the farm and they must be in the parking lot before their bus leaves to Taipei.

People ignore the monkeys because these animals can become aggressive if you give them food.

waiting for someone to give food

There were a pack of monkeys at this orchard.  A Taiwanese tried to get near to take photos but the groups' leader got angry and tried to attack the visitor. 

There were still buds that will open soon!

I saw more sakura flowers as I continue my walk at the farm.

I passed by these cherry blossom forest and people enjoyed their lunch under the trees.

Taiwan's land-locked salmon can be found at a mighty river in Wuling Farm

People were taking photos at one spot until I discovered what they were looking at.

These fishes could be the land-locked salmon of Taiwan.

During spring, the trees along Wuling Road become eye-catching shades of pink.


cherry blossoms with the blue sky

at Wuling Road

Beep! Beep! A car was at my back.

Walk and fall in love under the cherry blossoms.

two kinds of cherry blossoms

Aside from the battle between two kinds of sakura in Wuling Farm, there was also a battle between pink and green.

It was actually difficult to get a good selfie.

That tall tree!

Taiwanese cherry blossoms 
Notice the bee, it was busy sucking nectar from the flowers.

The bee was hairy and different from the usual social insect that I always see in Taipei.

It was fun to watch it as the insect transfer from one flower to another.

a cluster of sakura flowers

People walk ...

and walk ...

... until they get to see the Tea Farm from afar.

The entrance to the Tea Farm is at the Wuling Farm Tea Salon which was also planted with sakura trees.

Look at them! They were having fun.  I just took their picture and I don't know them either. Haha!
To get to the tea farm, I crossed this bridge and made a short hike.

The trail going to the tea farm

The tea farm

A drone flying in the sky

However, the cherry blossoms here in the tea farm had opened only less than half of its buds.

Some of the trees already have a lot of flowers although not yet in full bloom.

tea plantation with sakura trees

A drone and its remote control owned by a couple

Picture! Picture!

selfie time

Last year, I didn't have a photo on this bench because there were too many people taking photos.  


This is one of my favorite photos.  The place looks enchanted.

Can you see the butterfly?

Can you still see it?

There were also plum blossoms in Wuling Farm.

back at the bridge

Hehuanshan from Wuling Farm

At Wuling Farm's sakura tunnel.  Most of the trees here haven't opened all of its flower buds.

The Wuling Farm Visitor Center is also the location of the parking lot.  The drivers patiently wait here for their passengers.

under the shade of sakura trees

This photo is better.

The Ecological Garden is one of the must-see areas in Wuling Farm during the cherry blossom season.  It is beside the parking lot.

Wow! So many cherry blossoms!

The flowering this year was better than last year.

See you next year Wuling Farm!

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