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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan - 2017 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan 170122: Pingjing St. Lane 42 (平菁街42巷櫻花)]


How to get here: Board the MRT to Shilin Station and then ride Bus 303 from Shilin Farmer's Association building. Alight at Lun zi wei (倫仔尾) stop. The flowers are expected to last until February 1 only.

Fuji cherry blossoms add beauty to the homes here.

Fuji cherry blossoms are a hybrid type of the Japanese and Taiwanese variety of sakura.

Some of the sakura trees here are inside the garden of a private home.  

Last year, I was here in Pingjing St. Lane 42 but I didn't walk to to its end and I was surprised to see more cherry blossoms.

Based on the Taipei government website for cherry blossom viewing, the status of the flowering here is 50%.  

Some of the cherry blossom trees here already have leaves indicating that the "petal fall" will soon occur.

I really love sakura trees.  Its branches shoot up to the sky like a human hand reaching to God in the heavens.

Nice picture!

The weather was sunny and the sky was cloudless when I arrived in Pingjing St. Lane 42.  This made my photos a mixture of the blue sky and pink flowers.

You have to come early in the morning so that sun will be looking at Pingjing St. Lane 42.  This will give you good lighting for your photos.

What a sight! Fuji sakuras form clusters on it branches.

I raised my tripod with my camera on it to see what's on the other side of the wall. 

A close-up view of Fuji cherry blossoms.  These flowers are bigger than the Taiwanese variety and the tree starts blossoming in the middle of January.

You won't get hungry here in Pingjing St.  Last year, these vendors were here.

I do not know exactly what is the yellow vegetable but it smells like a ginger.  The soup is actually good for the cold weather in Pingjing St Lane 42. 

Squid balls worth NTD 40 per stick.

Don't also forget to buy oranges before you go home.
Just beside the food stall was a lot planted also with cherry blossom trees.

Sakuras and the mountains of Northern Taiwan.

The gate of the private home at the far end of the street.

At the corner of Pingjing St. Lane 42


A "secret" lane

I saw some visitors get out of here.

At the end of the "secret lane" was a gate and I was surprised to more cherry blossoms.  However, I could not go beyond it because it was locked.  Some visitors were able to get inside and they might be friends of the owners of the private lot.

A famous spot here in Pingjing St. Lane 42 is its white fence.

Hooray! A selfie.

Go inside this narrow street and you would find more cherry blossoms.

The sakuras here complement the mountains.

Taiwan cherry blossoms!

Can you see me?

My visit to Pingjing St. Lane 42 serves as my opening act for my 2017 Sakura Series. Yeah!

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The "Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei) travel series will return on October 3. ;)

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