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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Window on China (小人國主題樂園) Theme Park [Taiwan Day 945: The World Got Smaller - April 2, 2016]


How many places around the world have you been? I have been to Hong Kong and I have enjoyed my first international trip in the former British colony. Let us not forget my beloved Taiwan where I am experiencing now the greatest adventure of my life. Taiwan and Hong Kong. Only two places in the world map and there is a need for me to see other countries. Unfortunately, seeing the world means spending a lot money that only the rich can afford to do. But I have found a cheaper way... I just went to the Window on China theme park where mini-replicas of destinations around the world can be seen. I have entered its doors and I was amazed. It was really a small world after all!

The theme park is located in Taoyuan and accessible by just boarding Bus 5350 at Taipei Songshan Airport. The bus also makes a stop at MRT Jingan Station but the bus will be full with passengers when it passess by at that station so it's better to board the bus at the MRT Taipei Songshan Airport Station Exit 3. There are numerous waiting sheds there and just look for the one with the poster for Bus 5350. Window on China is the second to the last stop of the bus so tell the driver that you are going to this place or you might find yourself in Leofoo Village theme park if you got asleep. The journey around from Taipei is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes so budget your time well because 3 hours is not just enough to enjoy the replica part of the theme park. I paid the bus fare using my EasyCard and going back to Taipei there will be officers from E-go bus at the bus stop where you can buy the tickets back to the capital.

at the entrance gate

Window on China theme park have a promo nowadays because for only NTD 399 one can enjoy all the rides inside the park. Regular tickets cost NTD 799 and NTD 699 for adult and students respectively so grab now the opportunity before the promo is gone. After paying my ticket at the counter, I went to the Information booth where I asked for an English pamphlet of the Window on China theme park.
Jumbo Wave ride

tourist train station

This amusement park is famous for their 12-storey high Jumbo Wave and it's great for people looking for thrilling rides. They also have a ferris wheel and other rides that were designed for children while a water park at its center is open only during the summer months of July and August. The theme park also has a tourist train where one can see a beautiful tea plantation while riding it. People are transported from one place to another inside the park with this train.

Fort San Domingo

Former British Consulate

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple closeup

Temple of the Empress of Heaven 

layout of the Lin Family Mansion in Taichung

Chian-kai Shek Memorial Hall

Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Kuomintang Committee Office Building

Tamsui Post Office

Taiwan Land Bank Building

Tainan District Courthouse

Taiwan University Hospital

Hsinchu Station

Hanpi House

Tait & Company Building

Taipei Grand Mosque

Kaohsiung City Hall

Presidential Palace

National Taiwan Museum

Lukang Folk Arts Museum

Chinan Presbyterian Church

Taipei Zoo

I focused on the mini-replicas for this trip and I have explored these areas: Mini Taiwan, Mini China, Mini Asia, Mini Europe. Imagine seeing the Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall standing beside the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. That's what you can expect at the Mini Taiwan area. I can feel the religious ambience from the replica of the Longshan Temple. It was very detailed with mechanical monks bowing their heads. There was also a version of the Taipei Zoo and the Presidential Palace. Tamsui's Fort San Domingo and the Former British Consulate were also there. Other destinations can also be found like the Baroque style Hsinchu Station and the Taipei Mosque. There were lots of replicas of buildings around Taiwan and they were just too many to mention.


Another interesting portion of the theme park was a large Taiwanese port with ships that were sailing! A train also runs in the port zone making it look like a big playground. It goes inside tunnels with the astonishment of little children. Frequent travellers in Taiwan are already familiar with the National Sun Yat Sen Freeway and I smiled at the sight of small cars and trucks. I felt that I was like Godzilla ready to stamp my footprint in the middle of the highway. I also heard familiar sounds like it was coming from an airport and I suddenly saw a China Airlines plane ready to take-off from a replica of the Taoyuan International Airport. Wow! It was moving around in a runway.

Hall of Preserving Harmony

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

Fokung Pagoda

Panlungcheng Palace Hall

Palace No. 1 of Old Hsienyang City

Erhlitou Palace Complex

Hall of Ten Thousand Ravines and Pine-Scented Wind

Misty Rain Pavillion

Watery Heart Pavillion

Nanchan Temple Hall

Liaoti Pagoda of Kaiyuan Temple

Fokuang Temple Hall

Sacred Mother Hall of the Chin Temple

Pochia Library of the Lower Huayen Temple

Anchi Bridge

Fenghsien Temple Cave o f Lungmen Caves

Taj Mahal

Bulguksa Temple

Himeji Castle

Seven Storied Pagoda


Sattle Darbar

Osaka Castle

The Mini China boasts different number of destinations that I can see in Asia's biggest country and I would love to have a tour in the mainland especially Beijing and Shanghai. The Taj Mahal and the beautiful castles in Japan and Korea caught my attention in the Mini Asia area. The Korean palaces were spread throughout in a large area while the historical Japanese buildings were built vertically. The Seven Storied Pagoda in Nara, Japan was even taller than me it has and I have photo with one of its twin towers. Another interesting set of replica in Window in China is the Himeji Castle and the Osaka Castle. They really look the same but I was surprised to find out that they are two different structures.
Carcassone City



Villa Badoer

Villa Capra

Villa Emo

Loggia Del Capitaniato

Borgund Church

Tower of the Winds

Dutch windmill

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Opera of Paris

Chartres Cathedral

St. Basil's Cathedral

Rila Monastery

The Monastery of Le Thoronet

Ronchamp Chapel

Chateau de Blois


I continued my journey to Europe where windmills represent Netherlands and the Leaning Tower of Pisa stood for Italy. The St. Basil's Cathedral of Russia was also there and great for taking a selfie with its bulb-shaped towers. The Greek gods might have already visited Taiwan with their Acropolis standing high among all the European replicas. Just look around and you will find other interesting structures. The Mini Europe was my favorite place next only to Mini Taiwan.

Taoyuan International Airport

Sun-Yat Sen National Freeway

Oh my God! I forgot to visit Mini America. The Statue of Liberty and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial were there. But it was ok. There will be interns that will be coming to Taiwan and I'm very sure that they will get interested to visit Window on China. I will be travelling with them across Asia, to Europe and then to America without ever leaving Taiwan. No magic. No google maps. I will show to them that the world got smaller.

Sakura Series - Taiwan

Sakura Series - Taiwan

Sakura Series - Japan

Maple Series

Yehliu to Jiufen? Yehliu to Shifen? Cheaper than yellow taxis

The "Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei)

Other attractions in Taipei

New Taipei


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