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Monday, March 28, 2016

Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market (中社观光花市) [Taiwan Day 939: Flowers Will Always Bloom - Mar. 27, 2016]


A lot of my friends in the Philippines are now encouraged to visit Taiwan. There are so many places to visit and the variety of activities that can be done are just endless. Even I who have lived here for more than two years is still surprised whenever I discover a new tourist attraction. Flower farms are one of those places. All year round beautiful flowers grow across the island attracting local and international visitors. How many of these flower farms do you know? I only know a few but there is always something new to my list. The Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market was the latest addition to my flower farm database.

Tai'an Station

I just walked from Tai'an Station to the flower farm.

There are many good things that can be said about this attraction in Central Taiwan. The first is that the flower farm is accessible by public transportation. Just board a train from Taipei Main Station and alight at Tai'an Station and walk for two kilometers to reach the place. If you don't want to walk for 20 to 30 minutes then you can take a shuttle bus but it will be coming from Taichung City. I suggest to just walk from Tai'an Station. From the train station walk to the intersection of Anmei Rd. and Fu'an Rd and turn to your right and walk along Anmei Rd. You will reach the intersection of Sanfeng Rd. and Anmei Rd. Cross Sanfeng Rd. and then turn right. The flower farm is just a few meters away.

The barbeque buffet Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market

The long walk will make you hungry and I guess Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market already anticipated this scenario for its visitors. Once you enter the flower farm at Sanfeng Rd you will find yourself in a restaurant. The smell of the barbeque will induce more gastric juices to flow in your stomach. Welcome to their barbeque buffet! For a price of NTD 320, you can have your lunch and a ticket to the flower farm. Regular adult tickets cost NTD 120 so the price for the buffet meal is just ok.

They have a variety of flowers to joy with the tulips as their main attraction for the month of March. Actually, what I saw was the last of batch of their tulips. If I have a come earlier when the weather was still cold during the early days March I could have seen more tulips. Nevertheless, I was able to see tulips for the first time. I only see them through books and photos and it was my first time to see them in large numbers. Their bulb-shaped petals were enticing to touch and holding them in my hand was the only way to solve their mystery. Their petals were fleshy and I was amazed by this discovery. They also come in various colors. Some were orange, the others were red and a few were white.

I enjoyed taking a lot of photos especially the field of flowers with a picturesque mountain in the background. At Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market you can pretend that you are playing the piano, have a photo with a windmill or sit on the swing with red flowers at your back. They also have a rose garden with busy bees collecting nectar from the petals. Look around and you will find calla lilies beyond the regular white variety. Its pink and yellow color will definitely catch your attention.

rose garden

Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market is open all year round and that's the best thing about this flower farm. Visitors to Taiwan will always have a chance to see blooming fields whatever time of the year it is. It's fun to know that there are a lot of flower farms that I still need to visit aside from that fact that there are a lot of seasonal flowers on the island. There are cherry blossoms in spring, sunflowers during summer, cosmos flowers in autumn and the white flowers of plum blossom at winter. Taiwan has an endless supply of petals because flowers will always bloom.


How to go to Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market (中社观光花市)

A.  From Taipei by local train of TRA:  Board local train from Taipei Main Station.  Alight at Tai'an Station and walk towards the flower farm.  Travel time is approximately three hours.

B.  From Taipei by express train of TRA:  Board an express train from Taipei Main Station.  Get off the train at Fengyuan Station.  Transfer to a local train going to Tai'an Station and walk towards the flower farm.

C.  From Taipei by HSR:  Board bullet train to HSR Taichung Station from Taipei Main Station.  Get your tickets herehttps://affiliate.klook.com/jump/activity/817-thsr-one-way-ticket-taichung/?adid=39443&af_wid=4386 At HSR Taichung, walk towards TRA Xinwuri Station which is just connected to the HSR Station.  Transfer to another local train going to Tai'an Station.   Total travel time in this method is two hours assuming that the local train arrives in Xinwuri Station a few minutes after your arrival in HSR Taichung Station.

D.  By tripool taxi from HSR Taichung, TRA Taichung Station or TRA Fengyuan Station:  Go to the web app: https://www.tripool.app/?utm_source=luomuji . Type "Chungshe Tourism Flower Market" as the destination and for the pick-up point you can type "HSR Taichung" or "Taichung TRA Station" or "Fengyuan Station".  The text on the search form in the app will automatically adjust according to your query.  Don't forget to book another ride for your return trip.

Price comparisons of one-way fares in tripool taxi in going to Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market/Chungshe Tourism Flower Market from the train stations in Taichung. Up to a maximum of 8 passengers can be book in one car.
Pick-up pointDestinationDistanceTravel timeEstimated fare in tripool taxi
# of passengers
1 or 2348
Fengyuan StationChungshe Tourism Flower Market9.5 kms21 minsNTD 426NTD 447NTD 468NTD 958
Taichung TRA Station34.5 kms41 minsNTD 659NTD 693NTD 725NTD 1,215
HSR Taichung Station31.4 kms30 minsNTD 579NTD 609NTD 637NTD 1,127

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