Yunlin (雲林) Special - Beigang (北港) foodtrip [Taiwan Day 834: "Yunlin, I Choose You!" Finale "The Feast That Never Ends"- Dec. 13, 2015] | luomujie blogspot

Yunlin (雲林) Special - Beigang (北港) foodtrip [Taiwan Day 834: "Yunlin, I Choose You!" Finale "The Feast That Never Ends"- Dec. 13, 2015]

A lot of people love to eat when they visit new places and I'm one of them. Beigang being rich with culture and history is also blessed with various kinds of foods to feast upon. From cakes, to duck dishes to exotic frog dish, name it and Beigang has it. The food party starts in the morning until the last shop closes at night. Beigang takes a temporary rest but another day comes and the feast starts all over again.

I already have my breakfast before I boarded Bus 7201 from Chiayi but when I arrived at Beigang town I instantly got hungry. I looked for something to eat along Zhongshan Road until I saw a group people lining up for a food stall. Rice cakes were being fried in a pan and then pig small intestines were sliced into smaller pieces. The food looks weird but it gave it a try. The combinations of rice cakes made up of Indian rice with sliced portions of intestines were fantastic. The sauce added to my bowl of the Beigang breakfast added drama to the local delicacy. The whole food was too delicious!

The early bird gets the early worm and this saying also applies to Beigang. The early pastry store that opens gets the early visitor who eats their sample cakes. Tiny portions of Beigang wedding cakes were free for visitors to taste and I didn't let the opportunity pass to taste one of Beigang's most popular food. They are large breads with a filling inside. Pineapple was the usual flavor that I tasted among the different wedding cakes in the town but I also enjoyed eating the ones with tidbits of meat. Beigang cakes are usually large circular cakes with designs on its crust and given during weddings and other occasions. The big wedding cakes cost around NTD 240 but there were also smaller ones which cost only NTD 30.

If you are not into pastries and cakes, don't worry. There are peanuts which you can buy. Various kinds of peanuts can be bought at a store full of customers. Just select which variety of peanut do you want and they will weigh a bag of peanuts into a certain amount. Aside from peanuts there were also shaved-ice desserts which kids and the young at heart love. For drinks you can try some orange juice and cranberry juice.

There is a popular restaurant in Beigang and they specialize in duck dishes. While wandering in Zhongshan Road early in the morning, I noticed a pile of “chickens” being prepared by some locals. Upon checking my travel pamphlets for Yunlin, I verified that the “chickens” were not chickens at all but rather ducks. I was already standing in front of the most popular open-air restaurant in Beigang and I got excited in tasting their famous duck rice. It was still early so I decided to see first the tourist destinations in Beigang and wait until noontime to have lunch at the duck specialty restaurant.

I returned during lunchtime and there were already a lot of people in a queue. I joined the line and a woman asked me about my order. She gave me a small piece of paper which was the menu and it was all written in Chinese. I just selected the ones with the Chinese character of duck. A few minutes later, I was selected to join three couples in one dining table on the side of the road. Our orders arrived at our table and I got my duck rice, duck soup and duck soup with noodles. The duck rice was very tasty and that could be reason why many people come here to eat.

For the adventurous people, try Beigang's frog soup. The store is located at the rotonda near Chaotian Temple and it was very easy to find. Small frogs were friend. Their chest cut open and their internal organs removed. What's only left to eat were the legs and the head part which contains the brain. Oh! Yummy! I bought one bowl of the frog soup and it was oily. The legs of the frog tasted like chicken and I really enjoyed eating an exotic food. If you don't want to eat the frogs with a soup , you can just buy the fried frogs and eat it like an ordinary finger food.

Yunlin, you are a wonderful place. Your museum factories are splendid and your puppets are the best that I have seen in Taiwan. Your temples in Beigang was such a joy to explore and even the food trip in the town was exciting and memorable. I know that there are still places that I need to see but I got you now. Just always be prepared because someday I will return and call your name. I will shout and say “Yunlin, I Choose You!”.

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