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YouBike [Taiwan Day 697&698-T'was the Night with YouBike - July 29 & 30, 2015]


After the gathering of the Filipino Scholars in Taiwan (FSiT), I was asked to join by some of my friends to go shopping in Wufenpu. It was a naïve invitation that turned into a cruel intention. The MRT closes at midnight and the only way to go back home was by taking the YouBike. The problem is that it was 16 years ago when I last rode a real bike (The SkyCycle in Taiwan Day 525 was a fake one). I already forgot how and I need to bike again just to survive the night.

The YouBike is Taipei's public bicycle rental system and it has also scattered in other areas in Taiwan like New Taipei City and Changhua. How to start riding a YouBike? You just need an EasyCard and a Taiwan mobile number. If you don't have a mobile phone number, just ask your friend living in Taipei to register for you. A maximum of five YouBikers can be registered in one mobile number.

A brake handle, basket, headlight, and a system for changing for gears is provided for every YouBike. It was a bit difficult first to pedal a bike. I always have this fear of losing my balance and getting myself hurt. A few tries and I made my first successful pedal!

We headed to Rainbow Bridge to enjoy the night scenery at Keelung River. We passed by Raohe Night Market but I'm not comfortable yet in riding a bike in a place full of people. I might hurt others so I just pulled the bike while walking. My practice ride continued along the riverbanks. It was my first night time travel adventure in Keelung River.

Drinks from a 24-hour convenience store quenched our thirsts. Gerald asked me take a photo of him with a milk tea vendor. Jonalyn also followed. Was this a battle of the sexes? lol. Jason and Kristine led the gang in biking to Nangang. Oh! Gian was also with us. 

We finally reached the MRT Nangang Exhibition Center where I bid goodbye to my Travel Buddies. My home was just walking distance from the MRT Nangang Exhibition Center so biking was no longer needed. A YouBike Station was just outside the MRT Station and I put back the YouBike. I placed my EasyCard on the sensor zone to finish returning the YouBike.

Was the YouBike ride free? The first 30 minutes costs NTD 10 and this rate will continue up to the first 4 hours. The next 4 hours will costs you 10NTD and another 4 hours the rate will become NTD 20. The YouBike is heavily maintained so don't worry about the payment. It's very cheap. Buying your own bike is a good investment but riding the YouBike is a different experience.

A new way of travelling in Taiwan was unlocked with this travel adventure. There are numerous biking lanes in Taipei City and the scenery is great. Biking was now added to my personal skill set and I will continue practicing in preparation for my future biking adventures. It was a tiring but exciting night. T’was the night with YouBike.

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