Taipei Zoo (臺北市立動物園) - Maokong Gondola (貓空纜車) [Taiwan Day 637: Zoovengers - May 30, 2015] | Travel the World

Taipei Zoo (臺北市立動物園) - Maokong Gondola (貓空纜車) [Taiwan Day 637: Zoovengers - May 30, 2015]

What lies at the south of Taipei? If the city's northern part has the Yangmingshan mountains, the east has Nangang, and the west has Dadaocheng then it's definitely the Maokong mountains. A visit to Taipei Zoo and a fun ride at the Maokong Gondola will be the top itinerary if you visit this part of Taipei. Taipei Zoo is too big that in my past two visits I'm still not able to see all its animals especially the pandas. A revisit to Taipei Zoo and a cable car ride completed my Month-Long Birthday Celebration. But did I succeed in seeing all the animals there? Let's find out.

 I brought along Ciara, Bryan and Francis. They have been my Travel Buddies since my first travel adventure in May and they were too excited for this trip. Taipei Zoo ranks no. 10 in the places to see in Taipei according to TripAdvisor and as part of their “Fast-Track Travel Program” they have to see this place. Going to Taipei Zoo is so convenient. The Taipei Zoo MRT station is accessible via the Wenhu Line of the Taipei Metro. It will only take you around 30 minutes from Taipei Main Station to reach the place and a 5-minute walk from the MRT Station starts your adventure. How about the tickets? Ordinary tickets cost NTD 60 (PHP 87) while for students it's only NTD 30 (PHP 44).

Of all the animals that I will never forget were the pandas. It was my first time to see such cute black and white animals. I saw two pandas. One was just playing around while the other one was sitting and eating bamboo. They were too adorable but I reminded myself that these pandas came from China. lol. The mainland's panda diplomacy is working in Taiwan. People are getting crazy about these animals. It's a pandamonium! The 10-minute encounter with the pandas was an experience that I will never forget in Taiwan.

The Malayan tapir surprised us. It was too big that I estimated that it's as large as a pig or it may be even bigger. I didn't imagine that such animal exists. Their home was inside the Rainforest area and I love that place. I felt that I was really inside a forest. Elephants can also be found in Taipei Zoo and we saw four. I asked my Travel Buddies if the elephants in Taipei Zoo have the same cage as the elephant in Manila Zoo. They replied that the elephant's home in Taipei Zoo is bigger and the place is more natural because Taipei Zoo is located in the mountains.

Ciara showed her skills in bird spotting at the Aviary and she was really good. The otter, beaver, leopard and even the gorillas were sleeping on the ground due to the high temperature on that day while people gathered at the newly-renovated Penguin House. It was too hot outside. Even the brown bear hid much to the disappointment of the visitors. Lemurs got crazy when a worker went inside their cage and fed them. It was fun to watch them as one black and white lemur climbed over the worker's back. Am I watching a Madagascar movie?

Taipei Zoo closed at 5pm and we were not able to see all the animals. The zoo's open public space is 90 hectares and it's too big for a one-day trip. We just had a fun cable car ride at the Maokong Gondola after the zoo trip. It lifted like us like a magic carpet taking us above the Maokong mountains. We took the crystal cabin and as we fly I saw Taipei Zoo below. Justice will be served when I visit Taipei Zoo again. Justice that can only be delivered by the Zoovengers.

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