Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival (竹子湖海芋季) - Erziping (二子坪), Yangmingshan [Taiwan Day 560: White Harvest - March 14, 2015] | Travel in Asia

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival (竹子湖海芋季) - Erziping (二子坪), Yangmingshan [Taiwan Day 560: White Harvest - March 14, 2015]


The magic of spring continues in Yangminshan. White and with long stems, the calla lilies never fail to impress the visitors in Zhuzihu or Bamboo Lake. It is a large lake that dried up and became a fertile field suitable for growing flowers. It is a paradise of white, green and blue as the white flowers mix with the green mountains and blue sky into a kaleidoscope of fun. The travel adventure started as a sunny day and ended with a wonderful twist in the evening. It was a journey as white as pure love.

Baby Shreya, her mom and dad plus Peggy and Divya

I was with Divya, Vivek, baby Shreya plus her mom and dad. Aside from my Indian friends, a Taiwanese joined the trip. Her name is Peggy and she was super-friendly. The group met at MRT Nangang Exhibition Center and then we went to MRT Shipai Station to take Bus 128. The bus took us to Zhuzihu directly and it was a smooth ride. I usually take Bus 260 from Taipei Main Station going to Yangmingshan and I learned something new on that day.


Baby Shreya gaining some Taiwanese fans.



We strolled in Zhuzihu and we found a stream with romantic bridges to take photos. Baby Shreya became an instant star as Taiwanese tourists approached her and admire her. Vivek had fun in the stream and I took a video to capture the moment. The group decided to go to another place and later Peggy, Divya and I decided to pick fresh calla lilies.

There were many calla lily farms to choose farm and we randomly picked one. How to pick calla lilies properly? I have watched some videos in YouTube and I followed what I saw but something was wrong. I have observed that I was pulling the whole plant! Peggy told me to twist the root and then pull the stem. After following her advice, I got my first calla lily. I continued picking flowers until I got five and I held them like a trophy.

Each calla lily is worth NTD 10. We gave it to a station were ladies cut the root and packed the flowers. I even had a video of the whole post-calla lily picking process. After picking the flowers, the group then decided to go to Erziping. We walked to Zhuzihu Police Station to wait for Bus 108 that will take us to our destination. We passed by Hutian Elementary School as we walked to the bus stop.

We have our lunch/dinner along the trail in Erziping. Baby Shreya’s parents prepared an Indian rice meal and it was delicious. They were very kind to share their food with us. After walking for more than one kilometer, we finally reached Erziping. We were surprised with the nice scenery that we saw. The place has a lake with tadpoles, cherry blossom trees and a green grass field. The sun was also setting and its rays were reflected by the lake.

There was one thing that my Travel Buddies and I forgot. The last bus going to Yangmingshan Bus Terminal was 5:30 pm and we arrived at the bus stop after 6:00 pm. Peggy and Divya talked to some people with car and they gave a lift to baby Shreya’s family. The rest of the gang was given help by a man named James. He and his family gave us a lift to MRT Shipai Station. We placed our things at the back of his car including my calla lilies. 

My calla lilies arrived at the dorm and I remember my journey as I placed them on an empty Ovaltine jar. Good seeds of new friendship were sowed on that day with baby Shreya’s family, Vivek and Peggy. Even the family who gave us a lift was so kind. I feel so blessed to be surrounded with these people. I share with them my white harvest.


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