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Taiwan Day 576: Just like in Taiwan Day 1 – March 30, 2015


If there is any place in Taiwan that connects me to the Philippines, it’s no other than the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). I couldn’t contain my excitement as I took Bus 1843 from Nangang Exhibition Center just to reach Taiwan’s gateway to the world. It seems that an invisible umbilical cord passes through a “stargate” in TPE and it connects me to my country, the Philippines.

  As my Bus 1843 approaches Terminal 1, a Philippine Airlines plane PR 896 had just landed in TPE carrying a young aspiring Filipino scientist. A good friend went back to Taiwan to do a special mission and he needs to accomplish his task before doing his graduate school studies. He requested me to fetch him at Terminal 1 of the airport. How could I say no to a future Oxford University student in London?

As I waited for his arrival I recall my journey to Taiwan from Clark International Airport in the Philippines. I can still remember in 4K ultra high-definition my experiences while inside the AirAsia plane. I was looking for Taipei 101 outside the windows but I failed. I could only see bright yellow lights but I knew that I was no longer in the Philippines. I was already in Taiwan!

Touch-down… I hurriedly walked towards the Immigration Bureau where I was questioned by an Immigration Officer. I answered the questions confidently and I successfully reached the Arrival Area where hundreds of Taiwanese are looking at passengers who are entering the arrival hall. History was made on that night in September 1, 2013 as the greatest adventure series ever told in Facebook started with its first episode: “Taiwan Day 1&2: The Pilot Episode”.

I went back to reality when I saw a familiar face. My friend and I met each other after waiting for more than one hour. I was already hungry. Guess what? He has a ‘pasalubong’ for me. Jollibee! I didn’t expect to eat the famous burger again. It was just another dream in Formosa.

Taiwan Day 576 was not just an ordinary day as big things will start to happen. My historic return to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was not just about fetching a friend. It was a dry run for a bigger event in 2016 when my parents go to Taiwan to see me and the cherry blossoms. Also, next year will be the start of my international travel adventures as I go and see South Korea. Where it will start? Everything will start in this airport in Taoyuan just like in Taiwan Day 1.

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