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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yangminshan Cherry Blossom Festival - Yangming Park [Taiwan Day 539: The Beginning of Spring - Feb. 21, 2015]


When does spring begin? Or should I say when does winter end? I remember my first winter in Taipei and it was raining every day. The rains continued for months and then suddenly the temperature started to rise. I knew that a magical thing is happening.

Cherry blossoms always allure people when the temperature started to rise. Their petals radiate with passion like when a woman is fed with love by her man. In Taiwan, the native Taiwan cherry blossom trees will be the first one to show their flowers in January followed by the sakura varieties at the middle of the month of February.

The 2015 Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom Festival is the perfect place to see cherry blossoms if you are in Taipei. It’s accessible by public transportation. Just take Bus 260 from Taipei Main Station and enjoy the scenery as the low-floor bus takes you to the mountains. There are other cherry blossom viewing areas in Taiwan and I even thought of a ‘Sakura Series' for my Taiwan Day Adventures.


My Travel Buddies were very eager to see cherry blossoms at Yangminshan and they were Aaron James (Filipino) and Fisoliya (Zimbabwean). Since it was Chinese New Year, our bus took an hour to climb the mountain. The mountain was packed with people who wanted to see the pink petals of the cherry blossoms. Food stalls also sprouted like the flowers in spring.

The fountain in Yangming Park was transformed into an arena. People of all ages want to capture beautiful photos with the cherry blossoms. It was a beautiful battle since they knew that the flowers would only live for weeks. Soon, the petals of the cherry blossoms will drop by one by one and even before all of them have dropped green leaves will soon replace them.

My Travel Buddies were very satisfied with the pink landscape that they saw. I was also very happy because I was able to explore the other places of Yangming Park. Next year, my two greatest fans will come to Taiwan. They will visit the island nation to see me and explore the place I call home. They will come to see the flowering of the cherry blossoms. They will come at the beginning of spring.

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The "Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei) travel series will return on October 3. ;)

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