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Monday, February 2, 2015

Wulai Cherry Blossom Festival- Wulai Old Street - Hot Springs - Wulai Log Cart - Wulai Cable Car [Taiwan Day 519: Wow Wulai - Feb. 1, 2015]


I got wet in Nanshi River! The supposed photo in the hot spring river became a big splash when I lost my balance while walking in the river's slippery rocks. It was a funny experience but I have a feeling that my adventures and misadventures were just starting in this wonderful place called Wulai.

I have three Travel Buddies for this episode and they were Fisoliya (Zimbabwean), Sanjoy (Indian) and Yew Seng (Malaysian). We boarded the MRT until Xindian Station and then transferred to Bus 849 which took us to Wulai District of New Taipei City. It was my second time to visit Wulai and the first one was in Taiwan Day 190 (W for Wulai) where I learned a lot about the Atayal aboriginal people.

We don't know what to do order so we just looked at what the other customers were eating.
And we have decided what food to eat!

ice cream time

a long line of people in Wulai Old Street

We walked from the Wulai Bus Terminal until we found our way in Wulai Old Street and we ate in an Atayal restaurant for our lunch. I chose the bamboo rice with mushroom and it was very tasty. The rice was cooked in a bamboo and the bamboo that was used was very soft and can be opened easily. I remember that this method of cooking is also done by an aboriginal people of the Philippines called the Aetas.

Travel Buddy Sanjoy found a hot spring!

people at the river

Another hot spring!

Can you see the smoke?

smoking Nanshi River

Nanshi River

My photo after I stumbled and dived into the waters of Nanshi River.

After our lunch, we went down to Nanshi River where I have my wet and wild experience. Aside from the cold water of the river, one can also find spots where hot steaming water is coming out. Build your own hot spring as what people say. Just use rocks to isolate the hot spring water to create a minipool and dip your feet or even your whole body. One woman came prepared and has a bathing suit and she dipped her entire body into her 'own' pool with only her head peeking out of the hot spring water.

Wulai log cart ride

We also experienced riding the Wulai Log Cart. The Japanese developed Wulai before and they transfer the logs that they got form the forest using this minitrain. Today, it is now used to transport people to the 80 meter high Wulai waterfall from the Wulai Old Street. The one-way ticket ride costs NTD 50. It was a fun ride and I felt I was like in an amusement park.

From the terminal station of the Wulai log cart, my friends and I walked towards to the area with cherry blossoms.

The blossoming of the Taiwan cherry blossoms added beauty to the Wulai waterfall. I never knew that Taiwan's native cherry can be as beautiful as the Japanese varities. I took a lot of pictures and my Travel Buddies and I have a nice photo with the cherry blossoms and the waterfall.

Wulai cable car ride

Nanshi river as the Wulai cable car goes upward.

The Wulai waterfall can also be seen while riding the cable car.

a descending Wulai cable car

At the terminal station of the cable car was resort and we explored it.

A machine that would tell you something about your future. 

Another attraction in Wulai was the cable car ride and it was the highlight of this travel adventure. Adult tickets cost NTD 220 while students need to only pay NTD 150. We were able to see the waterfall from above and it was magnificent view looking down from the flying bus. My ears were popping as the cable car ascends to the terminal station. On top of the waterfall was a resort and we explored the place.

We took note of the last cable car.  It was already dark when we left the resort but the waterfall was still visible.  An aboriginal song played in the background as the cable car approaches the station.

Cherry blossoms, hot springs, cable car, log cart, 80 meter high waterfall. With so many things to experience, Wulai is really a wonderland. It is just right to say “Wow Wulai”.

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