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2014 Shimen International Kite Festival (石門風箏節) [Taiwan Day 393: Why does the wind blow? - Sept. 28, 2014]

The weather was perfect for flying kites. My Travel Buddies and I went to Baishawan (白沙灣) [Filipino: bay-sha-wan] to see the 2014 Shimen International Kite Festival. It was the last day of the festival but every year kites of different sizes and shapes are seen flying above the northern coast of Taiwan. It was sunny and the sky was clear but I wondered why the wind blows.

We boarded Bus 863 from Tamsui MRT Station to reach the beach. Bus 862 also goes to Baisha Bay. As the bus approaches the Baishawan bus stop, we immediately saw colorful kites flying. We got excited and I knew that it will be another great adventure in the North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area.

The blue sky of the East China Sea was filled with colorful kites. Elmo and SpongeBob were there. The red durian kites resemble immovable giant spike balls thrown in a white sand beach. The bamboo fences surrounding the kites didn't stop us from enjoying the festival. We also saw the flying shark and the black whale in the 'promotional material' that I posted in fb for this Taiwan Day Adventure.

Unfortunately, our group of seven people was split into two. I was with Gaurav (Indian), Lam (Singaporean, Taiwan Day 379 Travel Buddy) and Myrron (Filipino, Taiwan Day 371 Travel Buddy). We went to the other side of the beach to have our feet wet with seawater. It was my second beach adventure and the last time I went to a beach was in Taiwan Day 245 (Sand-sational!).

We got an opportunity to watch a group of men maneuvering small kites that looks like a fleet of jet fighters of the enemy of 'Maskman'. The small kites were in a snake formation and making an infinite loop. It was my first time to see such kind of 'kite exhibition'. It looks easy to do but I know it's difficult.

My group decided to see the other side of the beach. The wind was coming in that direction and there were small kites flying around the area. We walked in the sands until we found our friends who were also looking for us. They were walking towards our direction. The wind helped us to find our friends.

We then boarded Bus 862 to go back to Tamsui the see the sunset. We got there minutes before the sun disappeared and we have a nice group picture. It was also my first time to see the sunset in Tamsui.

There is a scientific explanation on why does the wind blow. This is due to the difference in air pressure. Imagine a balloon and it was pierced with a needle. A hole is formed in the balloon and air comes out immediately similar to the blowing of the wind. Air inside the balloon has higher pressure and it goes to an area with lower pressure which is outside the balloon. 

But there is a simpler explanation on why does the wind blow and that is to make kites fly! haha!


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