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Taipei 101

“Tall, majestic and sparkling”, this is how I described Taipei 101 in Taiwan Day 100 (“Happy 100 Days!!!”). It is standing mighty and strong at 508 meters and one of the highest buildings in the world. It is not just a landmark in Taiwan but also considered as the nation’s heart and soul. The time has come to turn ‘101’ into ‘365’.

Taipei 101 is accessible from Exit 2 of the MRT Taipei City Hall Station and I paid NTD 450 for the student ticket. The ticket booth was in the 5th floor of the Taipei 101 building and I was given a few instructions after I bought the ticket. I then searched for the elevator going to the 89th floor. 

It was not an ordinary elevator. It is the world’s fastest elevator with a speed of 1010m/min or 60.6 km/h. Like any elevator, there was an elevator girl who spoke as fast as the speed of the Toshiba made lift. My ears were popping as the elevator ascends to the Observatory. After 37 seconds we reached the 89th floor and the litany of the elevator girl was also done. It was funny and fun at the same time.

Dark selfie.  Flash from cameras are just reflected by the glass windows.

At the Taipei 101 Observatory, I was greeted by one of the cute mascots of the Taipei 101 Observatory. They are called the Damper Babies. They got their shaped from the mass damper while their eyes and mouth represent ‘101’. A staff from the Observatory took a photo of me with Lucky Red Baby Damper. I was also given an English audio guide which I haven't used because I was focused taking pictures of the city lights of Taipei City. 

I went down to the 88th floor to have a look at the world’s largest and heaviest mass damper. It is called the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) and it has a diameter of 5.5 meters and weighing 660 metric tons. The TMD prevents Taipei 101 from collapsing from strong winds of typhoons and powerful earthquakes. The TMD works by moving to the opposite direction of the applied force to Taipei 101 making the skyscraper earthquake-proof and resistant to winds of super-typhoons.

After learning a lot of things from the mass damper, I went upstairs to the Outdoor Observatory. This was the highest point that I’ve been to Taipei. North, East, West, South. I had a 360 degree view of Taipei City at an altitude of 390 meters. I even saw the Miramar Ferris Wheel which I rode in Taiwan Day 319 (Wheel of Fortune). It was the only structure that I can recognize from the Taipei 101 Outdoor Observatory.


It was already past 10pm when I went outside Taipei 101. I still took pictures outside especially the bronze letters of the address of Taipei 101 in Xinyi District. I want to live here. The king of travel should live here! 

Taipei 101 will always be a golden monument in my heart. 365 days in Taiwan and the 365th day was in Taipei 101. It was like a trophy awarded to a champion. A champion who won battles adjusting in a new world. Taipei 101 is now Luo-Mu Jie’s Taipei 365.


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