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Green World Ecological Farm (绿世界生态农场)

Welcome to Green World Ecological Farm! A place where you can learn, relax and appreciate nature. It is located in Beipu Township, Hsinchu County and covers an area of 70 hectares. Green World has six areas to enjoy: Swan Lake, Discovery Land Area, Water Plants Park, Bird Ecological Park, Butterfly Ecological Park and the Biodiversity Adventure Area. It was my first theme park experience in Taiwan and I was so excited to see this place.

Taiwan Tour Bus Lion's Head Mountain Shuttle Bus

My bus ticket

The Taiwan Tour Bus as it leaves the bus stop. 

At the back of the seats of the Taiwan Tour Bus where telephone numbers for the bus custormer service as well as the contact number of Green World Ecological Farm.  Record this number since you will have to call the zoo for a free pick-up.

How to get here I boarded a train from Nangang Station in Taipei to Zhubei Station in Hsinchu County. I lived in Nangang but visitors can always ride the train from Taipei Main Station.  Zhubei Station was the farthest train station that I had been in the west coast of Taiwan. From Zhubei Train Station, I looked for the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus stop going to the Lion’s Head Mountain Visitor Center. Taking the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle with the easiest way to go to Green World with just a one-day ticket price of NTD 100. The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle runs a network of bus routes across the island and it is a safe, fast and convenient way to travel in Taiwan.

Map of Green World Ecological Farm.  Notice the yellow box with a question mark.
My fellow visitors

Swan Lake
a pelican in the swan lake

face to face with an emu

There was a rainforest simulation inside the Biodiversity Adventure Area.  Can you see the rain?

I was so near to these flamingoes.

I alighted at the Green World bus stop and then I called Green World to pick me up for a free shuttle ride since the bus stop is 2 kilometers away from the park. I paid NTD 350 at the entrance and I was given an English map of the theme park. It was a weekday so the place was not crowded. I headed to the Swan Lake where I was greeted by the emu which I have mistaken for an ostrich. I just found out that the ostrich is native to Africa while the emu is native to Australia. The emu is the national bird of the Australia.

sleeping porcupines

The animals here in the Lovely Animals Area can  roam around.

the kind rabbit

Other interesting animals to see were the group of porcupines sleeping together. One of the porcupines suddenly woke up and proudly showed its long and hard spikes and then went back to sleep again. The animals in the Lovely Animals Area were really lovely! A rabbit even went to my feet. I took the chance to touch the rabbit and have a photo with the kind animal. It didn’t move nor even tried to ran away from me.

at the Macaw Area

at the Animal Star Show.  Take note of the show schedules on this photo.

selfie with audience before the start of the show

Another place to see birds is the Bird Ecological Park

Just like in the Lovely Animals Area, the bird here in the Bird Ecological Park are free to move around.  Actually, I enjoyed my stay here. I  got so close to the birds  which I didn't experience in Taipei Zoo.

Chinese golden pheasant

The macaws showed their intelligence in the Animal Star Show while the cute alpacas were fun to watch in the grazing area. The alpacas are animals belonging to the family of camels and they were the ‘best seller’ in the park.

Water Plants Park

at the Discovery Land Area.  The cactuses were planted inside an open air glass house.

Time to take a rest
Green World Ecological Farm also has a butterfly garden.

After taking photos of the butterflies, I went hiking ...

... where at the end trail is a nice place to relax and look at the mountains while eating.

Green World Ecological Farm also has a bamboo forest...
and I made sure that I hiked this place before I went back home to Taipei.

Green World is not just a zoo. It is also a botanical garden. I was astonished by the variety of aquatic plants in the Water Plants Park while the cactuses in the dry and arid Discovery Land Area were amazing. It was my first time to see succulent plants in different sizes and shapes in just one place. The Rainforest Skywalk gave me a look and feel of what is inside a rainforest and walking in the shaky wooden skywalk was an exciting experience.

SPOILER ALERT! The yellow box on the park map were these pair of pelicans.  

The shuttle bus of Green World Ecological Farm. I was actually the only passenger on my way back to the bus stop.

Green is the color of nature and it represents life. Life that we must preserve and protect. As Green World focuses on ecological education, I have learned to appreciate life to the fullest. Truly, Green World is as green as grass.

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