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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園) [Taiwan Day 259: The Queen and I - May 17, 2014]


The third week of my month-long birthday celebration was a trip to Yehliu GeoPark. After my Sand-sational experience in Taiwan Day 245 and Spirited Away adventure in Taiwan Day 252 I decided to see the famous queen of Taiwan.

I boarded Bus 1815 from Taipei West Bus Station and I alighted at Yehliu bus stop. The fare was around 100 NTD and I just used my EasyCard to pay the fare. The travel time was around 1.5 hours. Actually, I was surprised that the bus made a stop at Taipei City Hall Bus Station from Taipei West Bus Station. I should have boarded the bus there instead so that my travel time would be cut by 30 minutes.

From the Yehliu bus stop I made a long walk to reach Yehliu GeoPark. I don't have any idea where the park was. I just followed some tourist bus while walking until I found my destination. Haha!

photobomber alert!
The Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園) is rich with natural geologic wonders. The rocks in the geopark were formed during the Miocene period millions of years ago and were uplifted by geologic forces. Water, rain and wind carved the marvelous rocks that I saw.

A thick red line limits the area that the visitors can explore.

Some of the noticeable rock formations were the ones shaped like mushrooms and the fairy's shoe but my most favorite was the Queen's Head (女王頭). She looks like an Egyptian queen. All in her glory she held her head high much to the excitement of her admirers including me. 

You need to fall in line to have a photo with the Queen's Head.

I took the chance to have some photos with the Royal Highness. I raised my hand like introducing her to all the people in the world. She is a queen and I'm a commoner. The Queen and I.


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