2014 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival (福隆國際沙雕藝術節) [Taiwan Day 245: Sand-sational! - May 3, 2014] | luomujie blogspot

2014 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival (福隆國際沙雕藝術節) [Taiwan Day 245: Sand-sational! - May 3, 2014]

If there is any month of the year that I always wait for and get excited when it comes, it's no other than the month of May. It's my birth month and this will be my first time to celebrate my birthday away from my family in the Philippines. Nevertheless I always have my Taiwan Day adventures every week and that what makes each day of my stay in Taiwan memorable and exciting!

The 2014 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival was the first leg of my month-long birthday celebration.  The festival is held every year in Fulong Beach which is in Gongliao Township of New Taipei City. I traveled from Taipei to Fulong Beach by boarding Taiwan's 'chu-chu' train. It was very convenient and I just used my EasyCard to pay for my ticket. I checked and printed the Nangang-Fulong train schedule in the TRA timetable website before going to Nangang Station and I didn't got lost.

Fulong Beach is just a few walks away from the Fulong train station and the sands are golden in color. It is located at the mouth of Shuangxi River and the sandbar faces the East China Sea. It is said to be the most famous beach in Northern Taiwan. I was so excited to see this place and it was my first beach activity in my Taiwan Day Adventures. 

It was the opening day of the festival and I was surprised that there were only a few people in Fulong Beach to see the sand sculptures. It was a right decision to visit on the first day. The protective liquid being sprayed on the sculptures won't last a long time to protect the artworks from strong rain and winds. 

Sand sculptures of different sizes and forms can be seen at this year's festival. There were cardboard explanations for each sculpture but I didn't read them. I was busy taking photos just like what families, couples and groups of friends did in the display area. 

I couldn't imagine the time and energy spent for each sand sculpture. The details were just amazing like the 'Save Tree Save Life' sculpture. The 12 astrological zodiac signs were also amazing and I took a photo of each zodiac sign most especially the 'Taurus' sculpture. It was a rare experience to have a picture with a sand bull.

It was passion indeed and the love for art that motivated the artist to finish their masterpiece. Each sand sculpture was beautiful and artistic and I promised to return next year. I don't have any favorites among the sculptures because all of them were sand-sational!


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