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National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學) [Pride of Formosa]

If the Philippines has UP, Taiwan has NTU or National Taiwan University. I consider NTU as the UP of Taiwan and I was so excited to see the campus as part of my Taiwan Day adventures. Located in Taipei, it is Taiwan’s most prestigious university and was established in 1928 as Taihoku Imperial University during the Japanese colonial period of Taiwan.

at the gate of NTU

People call it ‘Taida’ as a shortcut for Táiwān Dàxué (台灣大學) which means Taiwan University. The Gongguan MRT subway station is just beside NTU and I wished that someday UP would have a MRT subway Philcoa station. Haha! I wore my ‘Stand out from the crowd’ UP shirt that day as a UP graduate visiting NTU for the first time. 

at the Fu Bell area

It was really relaxing to look at the waters of the Drunken Moon Lake.

The buildings of NTU have a Japanese architecture and I felt that I was in Europe. The Japanese tried to imitate the buildings during the Renaissance Period and they replaced the red bricks with red tiles. I toured around the campus to see the scenic spots and buildings in NTU and my favorite place was the Drunken Moon Lake. It was the lake with a pagoda-like structure in the middle and my mind went to a state of serenity by looking at the lake.
Royal Palm Boulevard

NTU Main Library

The NTU campus has some similarities with the UP Diliman campus. The Royal Palm Boulevard is equivalent to UPD’s University Avenue with NTU’s Main Library at the end of the Royal Palm Boulevard just like the Quezon Hall in UP Diliman. NTU also has the Fu Bell which rings on certain times of the day just like what the Carillon Tower in UPD does.
bicycles parked beside the Main Library

But unlike UP which have ‘Ikot’ jeepneys, NTU students ride their bicycles to go one from one place to another. In this campus bikes are the kings of the roads and I even have a photo with bicycles parked beside the Main Library. 

Based on the latest QS University World Ranking, NTU ranks 82nd in the world, 22nd in Asia and 37th in Chemistry. Truly, National Taiwan University is the pride of Formosa.


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