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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom Festival [Taiwan Day 182: Taipei Sakura - March 1, 2014]


When I always hear the word 'cherry blossoms' I always think of Japan so I was so happy when I learned that there are cherry blossoms in Taiwan. If your are going to Taipei during spring try to schedule your trip during the "Yangmingshan Flower Festival". Take note that the opening day of the cherry blossom festival changes every year and depends on the weather. This year it started in Jan. 29 and will last until March 9. 

I've waited until March to visit the Yangmingshan because during the opening day of the flower festival the cherry blossoms have only blossomed 50% to 70% of its flowers. How did I know? I heard it from English Formosa News in YouTube.

From Taipei Main Station I boarded Bus 260 to Yangmingshan Parking Lot and then transferred to Bus 130 to reached Yangmingshan Park. Since I was alone I just followed my Taiwanese 'busmates' when they transferred to Bus 130. I already made my adventure planning during the Chinese New Year celebration so I knew that Bus 130 will take me to Yangmingshan Park.

The temperature was around 22 degrees Celsius but I have my jacket inside my bag just in case temperatures would go down because it was around 3pm when I arrived at the park. I only have 2 hours to roam around and at 5pm it will become colder.

There were a lot of people and I asked some of them to take pictures of me with the cherry blossoms. It was my objective for that day and I succeeded. Aside from cherry blossoms there were also other flowers that can be seen.

Another attraction in Yangmingshan Park is the Flower Clock that is said to ring a music every 30 minutes but I didn't heard anything. Maybe I was just busy taking pictures.

I have photos with two cherry blossoms. They are the white Osima Cherry and the pink Showa cherry which is my album cover for Taiwan Day 182.

The Osima cherry and the Showa cherry are Japanese cherry blossoms but I have found them in Taipei. Their flowers have captured the hearts of Taiwanese visitors as if they want to take them home. To remember their beauty in my mind I will call them Taipei Sakura.

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The "Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei) travel series will return on October 3. ;)

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