Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (台北南港展覽館) - Fantasy Ice World 台北冰雪世界 - Harbin ice sculptures in Taipei [Taiwan Day 204: Frozen - March 23, 2014] | luomujie blogspot

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (台北南港展覽館) - Fantasy Ice World 台北冰雪世界 - Harbin ice sculptures in Taipei [Taiwan Day 204: Frozen - March 23, 2014]

Let it go! Let it go! My first adventure in my Taiwan Day 200 series was a visit to the Fantasy Ice World in Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei. Ice sculptures from the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China were brought to Taipei for a special exhibit. The last day of the ice exhibit will be on April 25, 2014 so if you are planning to go Taipei come and visit this place.

It was six o’clock on Sunday evening when I went to the Nangang Exhibition Center. The place was a few bus stops from Academia Sinica and it took me less than 15 minutes to arrived at the place. The ice sculptures were housed in a large ‘refrigerator’ that looks like a warehouse. Since it was nighttime, I wore five layers of clothing including my thick jacket. Going there in the morning with a full winter attire would be crazy because the temperatures in Taiwan have already risen during daytime to above 20 degrees Celsius.

The cost of the ticket was NTD 380 but I have a Groupon ticket which my Taiwanese PhD classmate bought for me at a price of NTD 300. I just presented the printed Groupon ticket to the counter and it was replaced with a real ticket which I gave to the lady at the main entrance. I saw two Taiwanese women who were not wearing any winter attire and they gave two stubs to a lady and then the lady gave them each a winter coat. I don’t know if they paid extra but wearing a coat was a must inside the Fantasy Ice World.

A metal sliding door was at the entrance of the ‘refrigerator’. When the two Taiwanese ladies went inside I heard shrieks and the staff laughed at the funny incident. The temperature inside was -18 degrees Celsius and before I went inside I was thinking to rent gloves because I was afraid that the blood inside my hands would turn into ice upon entering. I just went inside without any gloves and I felt the -18 degrees temperature. Brrrrr!

Angkor Wat

Great Pyramid

Great Wall of China

The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid

holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa

inside the Taj Mahal

I took a lot of pictures and I was amazed with the ice sculptures. It was my first time to saw those kinds of things. The most interesting part inside was the famous landmarks in the world. I saw the Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Angkor Wat, Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Wall of China. All made in ice!

I didn't have a tripod but the flat surfaces of the ice sculptures made it possible for  me to take photos of myself.   I just placed my camera above the blocks of ice and set the 10-second timer. It was really fun giving yourself 10 seconds to pose before the camera flashes its light. I have a lot of pictures of myself in this Taiwan Day 204 and that was record-breaking. It was my first time to smile in a lot of photos and it was a memorable experience.

I spent almost two hours inside roaming around and taking pictures. "The cold never bothered me anyway". When I exited that warehouse I started to feel the chill in my fingers. I was already frozen!


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