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Monday, January 6, 2014

Taiwan Day 127: As the New Year Blossoms - Jan. 5, 2014


My opening salvo for my weekend travel adventure this new year -> Welcome to the 2014 Taipei Flower Show at the Taipei Expo Park! I went there amidst my review for my Final Exams. I religiously tour around Taipei every weekend as my mantra of refreshing my neurons.

Yesterday I bought a Sony Cyber-shot camera in Carrefour for only NTD 2980. When the cashier opened the box to inspect the contents I was surprised that I also got an extra battery and a charger as well. The price was pretty cheap for such an amazing camera from Sony. I am not an affiliate of Sony and I don't have any plans of working there. Just take a look at the pictures in this album and you will be the judge.

There was a great improvement in terms of the resolutions of the pictures that I got. It was my first time to use this camera and I still have to study how to manually switch from Landscape mode to Macro mode. The camera has a function to defocus the background in the Macro mode so when I was taking a picture of a flower the camera would just focus on the flower and it will be the highlight of the picture. It also has 5x optical zoom and I tried to test the clarity of the zoomed image and I was very satisfied when I looked in the LCD screen of my new camera.

There were a lot of things to enjoy in this flower show. There was a moon-shaped topiary, an airplane car, a panda on a hot-air balloon, castles and many more. Aside from that there were also a lot of airplanes that were flying above. Not just flying above, they were flying very low and were just getting ready to land. I checked my Taipei Metro Tourist Map to verify that a few kilometers away from the Taipei Expo Park was the Songshan Airport. It was fun to watch those giant airplanes and luckily there was no Final Destination incident that happened.

I was all alone on this tour and I just politely asked some Taiwanese to take some photos of me so I will have some remembrance of my flower expo experience. They were kind enough to take my pictures. My favorite picture was when a woman tried to take a second shot of me near the panda hot-air balloon. I just raised my hand to changed my pose and the wind just blowed strongly and that made my jacket fly in the air just like superman and that complemented the hot-air balloon scene. It was a great shot!

I have around 300 pictures in this album and the total size of my album was 2.2 GB and this was because of the higher number of pixels that I generated with my new camera. This gadget have 16.1 megapixels and that's a lot of data. Unfortunately, uploading those pictures here in facebook reduces the quality of my photos. But I assure you that they look better in my computer since I have the original copy.

I did not pay anything for this flower exhibit. I just went to Yuanshan Station of the Tamsui Lin and I was there already. Yuanshan Stations was just a few stations away from Taipei Main Station. There was also a bazaar within the expo area. So if you got hungry you can buy snacks or even eat lunch as there were also restaurants nearby.

Next week I will go back in time during the Ice Age to explore the hidden world of a baby mammoth named Yuka.

The fun never stops this 2014 as the New Year blossoms!

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The "Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei) travel series will return on October 3. ;)

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