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Monday, November 18, 2013

Longshan Temple (龍山寺) [Taiwan Day 78: Enter the Dragon - Nov. 17, 2013]


It was a very cold Sunday afternoon and even if I was in the middle of my Midterms review I still decided to go out and see the must-see destinations in Taipei. I went first to LBC in Minquan to send money to a Filipino friend in the Philippines because I owe her a sum of money and after that I went to Longshan Temple to have some sightseeing. Longshan Temple is accesible via the Bannan Line of the Taipei Metro. I boarded the train from Minquan West Road Station of Tamsui Line to Taipei Main Station and then I transferred to the Bannan Line to reach the Longshan Temple Station. It didn't take too much time since the Longshan Temple Station is just after the Ximen Station [Taipei Main Station → Ximen → Longshan]. I really didn't know on which Exit to go but I just found myself in a road which has a map/directory board telling me my current location in Wanhua District of Taipei City.  It has a 'You Are Here' mark in the map so I was able to know my location.

I have already read a lot of things about Longshan Temple in different blogs and tourism websites so I know what to expect but I was still surprised by the energy inside the temple complex. I can smell the strong odor of incense sticks and I can also hear the rhythmic prayers of the people. Being there is a totally different experience, as if there was a strong energy inside that place that I felt I was in the anime Zenki. It was like the female lead in Zenki was praying her chants to give Zenki his superhuman powers. There were a lot of tourist who looked like Americans and I even saw a group of Japanese students and they were accompanied by a tour guide. I go around the place and I saw a statue of Buddha inside. I was a bit hesitant to take pictures because I thought I might offend the locals but I was still able to capture some images of the Buddha in my photos even though I took them faraway from the statue.

The highlight of my trip was to capture images of colorful dragon statues in Longshan Temple. Long means dragon while Shan means mountain in Chinese so Longshan Temple is Dragon Mountain Temple. My poor camera could not capture astonishing pictures but I was still satisfied with what I got.

I have my snacks after my short tour in the Longshan Temple and I decided to go back home. I was thinking to ride the bus so I can save money going back to TIGP dorm but the bus stop in Longshan Temple does not have the bus numbers going to Nangang so I just boarded the Bannan Line train to Nangang Station and then I transferred to Bus 306 to get to TIGP Dorm.

The dragon in the Western culture is an enemy while in the East it is like a god. The dragon is a powerful mythical creature and one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. It can fly and it can spew fire. It can also grant your wish in the anime Dragon Ball. I was captivated by the mysterious aura of Dragon Mountain Temple. Enter the Dragon !!!


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