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Friday, March 2, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180301: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂)]


Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall will always be a top cherry blossom viewing spot in Taipei.  Not only that it is located in downtown,  it also has a variety of sakuras that visitors can feast upon.   There are the multi-petalled yaesakuras, the white to pinkish flowers of the shuzenji sakura, the early blooming mountain cherries and the much-awaited spectacle of the tairyo cherry blossoms.   Which flower do you want to see and where can they be found in the park?  Read carefully this article because I will tell you a lot about these cherry blossom viewing spot in the city.

Yaesakura (八重櫻)

You can find these flowers around the building of the Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall.  Actually, all the cherry blossoms are planted near to this monument.   They are just strategically planted to provide of an array of colors during spring.

The yaesakuras are in full bloom when you see the flowers clump together.  With the colder climate during the past winter season, their blossoming has been anticipated by many to be more abundant than last year.   Keeping up with the expectations, the yaesakuras did not disappoint its fans by showing its strongest flowering with its red to pink color of its petals.

Their tall branches spread out in the sky like the hand of God reaching out from the heavens.  Its blossoms shower the CKS Memorial in intense red color.   Last year, it was not like these and I was very surprised to see the park in such scenery.  

You can find most of the yaesakuras on the right side of the CKS Memorial Hall.  Coming from Exit 5 of the MRT Station, walk towards the white building until you see patches of red on the right side of the park.   There are also yaesakuras on the left side of the giant building although a bit fewer than on the right side.   

Aside from the yaeskuras, there also mountain cherry trees that have been planted on the left side of the park.  I did not such much flowers when I visited this area.  The blossoming period might have already passed and I visited too late to see them in full bloom.   There were still a few trees that have flowers but not enough to amaze the visitors.

At the back of the CKS Memorial Hall are the trees of the tairyo sakura.  Behind these cherry blossoms is a pathway still planted with the yaesakuras.   Come and explore this area of the park.   It feels like going to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Nantou by looking from afar in the walkway.

Shuzenji cold cherry (修善寺寒櫻)

Located on the right side of the CKS Memorial Hall, these flowers appear at the same time when the yaesakuras are at its height of flowering.   Colored white to pink, it was very easy to tell that they are different from the red multi-petalled flowers of the yaesakura.   How do I they describe the petals of the shuzenji sakura?  They looked crumpled and looks wavy.   

Their trees are tall suggesting that they been planted long before.   The main trunk and branches are strong enough to withstand the strong wind of typhoons that have been barreling Taiwan every summer.   Although the tree looks study, I hardly noticed the shuzenji sakuras last year.  There flowering wasn't that enough to catch the attention of visitors in the park. 

This year, the splendid petals of the shuzenji sakuras have returned. They were sparkling under the bright sun during my visit.  They also looked terrific with the white building of the CKS Memorial Hall as a backdrop.  It was picturesque!  Comparing the blossoming of the shuzenji sakuras here in CKS Hall to the kawazu cherry blossoms in Sunshine Sports Park, I find these flowers of Taipei to have an undeniable charisma.

Tairyo sakura (大漁櫻)

One of my favorite Japanese flowering cherry!  At the time of my visit, they had only opened 10 to 20% of their buds and you can find them at the backside of the CKS Memorial Hall.  There were only a few tourists lingering in this area since the blossoms are not yet that many.  I considered that as a blessing because there is a less chance of having photo bombers in my pictures. 

The tairyo sakuras gives a different kind of aura in the park.  Not only it attracts insects like the bees, even birds come to feast on the flowers.   The flower’s nectar might be so sweet to give nourishment and energy.   Visitors, on the other hand, just look at them during full bloom.  Envy of what is happening at the top of the tree. Haha!

When many, the flowers of the tairyo cherry blossoms have a striking similarity to the yoshino sakura and it is hard to tell the difference.  Both the center part of the flowers has a dark hue.  If you want to see the yoshinos, then you can go to the Visitor Information Center of Yangming Park. But you don't need to go far away because the tairyo sakuras of the CKS Memorial Hall can cheer you up.  At full bloom, it will fulfill your desire to see lots of these spring flowers.

The yaeskura, shuzenji and tairyo sakura in the Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall.  They are all waiting for you.  Hurry before they are all gone!  

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