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Xinshe Castle (新社莊園古堡)


There’s a castle in Taiwan? Hmmm… A lot of people will be skeptical upon hearing that such place exists on this Asian country. In Japan, there is the Osaka castle and other similar structures. For Taiwan, it is something unusual and the lack of it makes it more interesting to construct a European-style building on the island.

And there is one! Located in the rural Xinshe District of Taichung is a structure inspired by the Medieval Period. It is called Xinshe Castle. No king was responsible in building this complex and only its operator knew who coined the idea of bringing Europe in Formosa. Maintained and owned by Summit Resort, the castle is one of the main attractions in Taichung that tourists usually go to in addition to the mushroom farms nearby.

Perfect for dates. I took my girlfriend here and she really loves the place. Actually, it was one of her travel goals before 2017 comes to an end. I had been planning to visit Xinshe castle for a long very time and I don’t know why it doesn’t always happen. Now, I know the reason. I must come here as Lord Luo-Mu Jie with my Lady Andrea.

A noble visit. Dressed in warm clothes for autumn, my girlfriend and I boarded an express train to Fengyuan Station. We then transferred to Bus 91 and get off the vehicle at Zhongxingling stop. A taxi suddenly passed by and we got inside the cab in an instant. Lady Andrea talked to the driver in Chinese while I just listened innocently to the conversation. Lord Luo-Mu Jie’s only job at that time was to pay the bill. Haha!

The royal inspection. We walked around the park while holding our hands. While exploring each corner of the park, we noticed the things that made Xinshe Castle a wonderful place to see. The lake reflects all the aspirations of those who believe that walking in a dreamland is possible. The arches, canal and the bridge gave the resort a Western touch. Looking at the watchtower will make you imagine that a brave knight stands atop of it. Rapunzel might also be inside the turret! Ready to drop on the ground her very long hair.

Like a king and a queen. No couple travel is complete without a selfie so we searched the best place to get the best photo. After searching for hours, we found it in the middle of the lake. My girlfriend set the timer on her phone and I hugged her in a tight embrace. So tight that I don’t want her to disappear from my life. A kiss on her cheek sealed the moment and behind us was our beautiful castle.

Xinshe Castle (新社城堡)
Address: No. 65, Xiezhong Street, Xinshe District, Taichung City, 426
Adult tickets: NTD 250
How to get here: TRA Fengyuan Station -> Bus 91, get off at Zhongxingling (中興嶺) stop -> Board a taxi and say that you are going to “Xīnshè chéngbǎo”. Taxi fare from Zhongxingling to Xinshe Castle is NTD 200.


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